The Eagles take on the Patriots

The Eagles lose to the George Washington Patriots for the League Championship game.


Courtesy of Kim Anderson

George Washington runs with the ball getting stopped by the Frederick defense.

Ryley Anderson , Staff Writer

On Friday, November 4, the Eagles traveled to Denver to play the George Washington Patriots. This game determined the league champions before playoffs.

“It was like playing in a winter wonderland,” said a player’s parent. There was snow coating the field and the flakes kept getting bigger as the night went on. “It was so beautiful,” said another player’s mom.

The snow that the boys were playing in. (Courtesy of Kim Anderson)

The Eagles started with the ball and made the first touchdown and two-point conversion ending the first quarter 8-0. Kemarly Davy made the touchdown on the 1-yard line rushing it in.

At the start of the second quarter George Washington scored and then kicked an extra point making the score 8-7 in favor of the Eagles. The Eagles had the ball at 4th & 3 when quarterback Gavin Ishmael threw a 45-yard touchdown pass to Running Back Cruz Zamudio, who caught it and ran the ball the rest of the way. Cruz said, “I hope this guy in front of me doesn’t touch the ball.” Running through his head was “catch the ball, catch the ball, catch the ball, then when I caught it I thought be fast, be fast, be fast.” The eagles could not complete the two-point conversion, causing the score to be 14-7.

George Washington answered the touchdown with one of their own, making the score 14-13 and scoring an extra point to tie up the game 14-14. Toward the end of the quarter, Kemarly had another one-yard rushing touchdown and completed the two-point conversion rushing the ball in. This closed out the second quarter with Frederick ahead 22-14.

At the start of the third quarter, Frederick kicked off to George Washington, stopping them from scoring. The Eagles had a big play with the ball on George Washington’s 49-yard line. With a 22-yard pass from Gavin to Jorden Fahey, they were close to scoring. Jorden said, “I felt good when I caught the ball, I was happy to set my team up to score.” Shortly after, Cruz Zamudio had a 7-yard rushing touchdown. The score was 28-14, with our kicker going out to score the extra point 29-14.

George Washington responded with a rushing touchdown causing the score to be 29-20, but they missed the extra point ending the third quarter, Eagles 29 George Washington 20.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, George Washington had a rushing touchdown and made the extra point causing the score to be 29-27, with the eagles still ahead but not by much.

Gavin had a 39-yard pass to Cruz Zamudio, where he ran the ball for a touchdown. Kicker Cullen Aasmundstad made the extra point after that, 36-27. Cullen said “I just remember being on the ground and then jumping up because I was so excited I got tackled for the first time. Everyone surrounded me and was so excited.” George Washington answered with a kick return and an extra point. The score is 36-34 Eagles are still ahead. Can they hold them?

Unfortunately, they can not. The Eagles were up two and had the ball. All they needed to do was run the clock down or score a touchdown. On the third down, Gavin fumbled the ball, recovered by George Washington.

George Washington had scored a rushing touchdown and made the extra point. This is the first time in the whole game they were ahead 41-36.

With not enough time for Frederick to score, George Washington won the game and became League Champions. Linebacker Joey said, “It sucked at the moment that we lost and weren’t league champs, but looking at the big picture it didn’t matter, and we’re still in the playoffs.” The final score was George Washington 41, the Eagles 36.

At the end of the game, the top three offensive players were quarterback Gavin Ishmael, running back Cruz Zamudio, and fullback Kemarly Davy. Gavin had 162 passing yards, Cruz had 139 receiving yards, and Kemarly had 68 rushing yards. Kemarly Davy said “It was a great game, one I will always remera. It was super cold but I could hardly feel it when I was having the time of my life with my boys. Even though we lost it felt great to go through that either with my team and playing as hard as we could for each other with each other. It is really a special feeling to see that family the football team is and getting to be apart of that family. I am so proud of being on the same team as these guys, and proud to represent Freddy every time I put on that jersey.”

The top three defensive players were safety Teagun Boen, middle linebacker Kemarly Davy, and corner Wesley Walker. Teagun had two tackles, Kemarly had six tackles, and Wesley had three tackles.

Frederick had 381 total yards, 162 passing yards, and 219 rushing yards. George Washington had 379 total yards, all of them being rushing yards.