Is Christmas in October or December

When is the right time to put up Christmas decorations

Emma Phillips, Sports Editor

When November arrives or maybe even October the number 1 thing that comes into people’s heads is Christmas. For someone who enjoys or for instance loves Christmas, they want to put up Christmas decorations. The majority of the question “When is it too early to put up your decorations?” Coming from someone who enjoys Christmas a lot, I prefer to wait to decorate the house, even though I don’t necessarily have a say since it isn’t my house. When October comes around and people talk about putting up decorations, it’s one of my biggest pet peeves. Yes, I understand that they’re excited but we haven’t even had Halloween or Thanksgiving yet.

Some say putting your Christmas decorations up before Halloween is bad luck and some say putting a tree up before Christmas Eve is a sin. Others say it’s never too early to decorate for Christmas. It completely depends on what type of person you are and based on your personal opinion. According to the American Christmas Tree Association, some psychologists say putting Christmas decorations up early makes people happy and spikes dopamine, a feel-good hormone that can produce the feeling of happiness. Some people say the entire month of November is off-limits because it’s too early to put up decorations. And people don’t forget, we also have Thanksgiving to celebrate. You can walk into any big-box home improvement store in September and you will find their Christmas displays sitting side-by-side with Halloween decorations.

When you see Christmas stuff in stores when it’s October, I think that’s perfectly okay. No one wants to buy Christmas presents 2 weeks before Christmas and not have any money. Every year, it seems holiday decorations pop up on store shelves earlier and earlier. There is even a particular saying for it called the “Christmas Creep.” While we are more than four weeks from Thanksgiving and even more from Christmas, you may see Christmas decorations up extremely early.

Dr. Kristy Grayson, a marketing professor at Dixie State University in St. George, tells how soon you see decorations is likely because of you and other shoppers. As retailer workers plan well in advance to stock their shelves with garland, lights, candy, and so many other options.

So, when should you decorate? Google says the last day of November or the first of December. Many go by the unwritten rule that tells us we’re not supposed to decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. I say the day after Thanksgiving is a perfect time.

When do you think it is too early to put up the Christmas Tree?