Uncharted movie

More than just a video game

Lyse Prentout, Staff Writer

Uncharted movie reviews

More than just a video game 

The film adaptation of the famous video game: Uncharted released in 2007 on PlayStation featuring the famous adventures across the world of Nathan Drake was on the big screen this winter 2022. This action movie directed by Ruben Fleischer and the studio Sony Pictures is currently on the streaming platform Netflix. Loving adventure and suspense movies I recommend the readers to watch this one. 

While Nathan Drake’s older brother, played by the famous actor Tom Holland known for his role as Spiderman aka Peter Parker in the Marvel movies, has been missing for years, Nathan will meet the treasure hunter, Victor Sullivan played by Mark Wahlberg who will offer him a deal. It is to help him find the famous treasure of the explorer Ferdinand Magellan before the businessman Santiago Moncada and his right-hand woman Joe Braddock played by Antonio Banderas and Tati Gabrielle. In exchange for his help to find Sam Drake, together they will cross the globe and meet Chloe Frazer, a so-called ally of Victor Sullivan played by actress Sophia Taylor Ali.

Although the film, Uncharted remains faithful to its video game saga, the director and his team have allowed themselves a few liberties to give their film an independent aspect. Ruben Fleischer told PlayStation Inside, “Part of the problem is that they’re trying to recreate the games, because gamers have such a visceral experience, I don’t think you can compete with that.” According to him, it is therefore important that the identity of his film is not the same as the video game saga because even if his work is an adaptation, the two projects can not exactly be similar.

The music to illustrate the story is one of the ways in which the film differs from video games. Indeed, the German composer Ramin Djawadi, known for his work on films and series such as Games of Throne, Prison Break or Iron Man, has recomposed old music from the saga and composed new ones.

The addition of moving scenes, humor replacing the dirty jokes of Mark Wahlberg’s character, Victor Sullivan in the games to ensure accessibility to all audiences.

It is as a bartender, a suit or an adventurer’s outfit that the British Tom Holland played the main role, Nathan Drake. He had to do much more than just play his character, but with the help of two of his stuntmen Luke Scott and Greg Townley he performed some incredible and very impressive actions.

The scenes being shot in Berlin, Germany and a great majority in Spain, we travel around the world in settings more incredible than the others, between the Harvard Museum of Art in the United States, Augustine in Berlin, Germany, the National Palace, the church of Santa Maria del Pi, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain or Khao Phing Kan in Thailand.

I personally recommend that newspaper readers watch Ruben Fleisher’s film, Uncharted, currently available on Netflix. Being a history enthusiast , I liked the fact that the adventure of this movie takes place around the treasure of one of the most famous explorer of the 16th century, Ferdinand Magellan. Also I really like the exploration stories and the puzzle solving. 

Don’t hesitate any longer, watch Uncharted!