A Romantic Novel by a Romantic Herself

November 9th is a fiction romance novel, written by Colleen Hoover who’s books are starting to top the charts in ratings.

Ryley Anderson, Staff Writer

The famous thriller, romance, and young adult author Colleen Hoover, come on November 9th. Among tons of other books written by Colleen, November 9th is a novel with many twists and turns. Also, it has a huge plot twist that is very unexpected. 

Colleen has been writing and self-publishing books since 2012. Her first book was Slammed, and after that, she has been writing to this day. According to shereadsbooks.com “Colleen was a social worker, living in a mobile home and took up writing because she was bored. She wrote her first novel Slammed and self-published it to Amazon for her friends and family to read. From there the rest was history.” Although some of Colleen’s books have been published by mega publishers, she still likes to self-publish some of her works. 

She is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and the founder of The Bookworm Box. The Bookworm box is a subscription service that sends its proceeds to different charities. The Bookworm Box consists of two signed books that were donated by the author and then a fun book.

Colleen Hoover has made an uprising on Tik-Tok with her #booktok where people talk about good reads, joke about books, and review popular books. #booktok isn’t only for authors, it is also for aspiring readers who are looking for good, new books to read. The hashtag has many different categories ranging from mystery, to romance, to non-fiction, and beyond. 

Colleen’s most popular book is It Ends With Us. It Ends With Us was nominated for Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance, and won. It was published in 2016, which started her uprising as a best-selling author. After that, her other books have been on the rise as well. Her ratings skyrocketed, with an average rating of 4.4 on a 5.0 scale. “She has nearly 5 million ratings,” said tlbranson.com. 

November 9th is a novel that features Fallon, an 18-year-old who is about to move to New York to start a new career after an accident that hindered her previous career of acting. Before going on her new adventure, she meets with her dad at a restaurant. Fallon blamed her dad for many years for her accident, and always saw him as a self-centered bastard. Her dad was an actor in a big movie so he got a lot of people to come up to him for autographs and pictures all the time. When Fallon met with her dad at the restaurant, the waiter recognized her dad and asked her to take a photo but she was fuming with hatred and jealousy so she excused herself to the bathroom. On her way back from the restroom she caught the eye of an aspiring author Benton James Kessler. As Fallon goes back to her booth behind Ben he can’t help but overhear her father being unsupportive about her new dream to be on Broadway and do audiobooks for a new living since acting was out of the picture. Ben couldn’t handle it so he steps in and pretends to be Fallon’s boyfriend. 

After lunch with Fallon’s dad, Ben and Fallon end up spending the day together before she leaves for New York in the morning. After spending the day with Ben, Fallon starts to have second thoughts about leaving but she convinces herself to go. Fallon and Ben made a deal to meet at the same restaurant at the same time every November 9th. Before Fallon leaves she writes a list of “Homework” that Ben has to accomplish before the next time they meet, and he does the same for Fallon. One of Ben’s homework items was to finish his novel and write about November 9th. Fallon and Ben made a deal not to contact each other for the plot of the story. They would block each other on all social media and not exchange numbers. They met for 4 years once every year and then would go back to their own lives. But they both fell hard for each other, and then something happened. 

“If I could go back and reread this story for the first time I 100% would.” Said an anonymous source. This book is so hard to put down and has a plot twist no one can see coming. 

If you are looking for a tear-jerking, romance novel this is the book for you. It was so hard for me to stop reading and each November they met was a different story that I was eager to read about. November 9th is one of the romance novels that I have read that is unpredictable and exciting to read.