MEGAN MAJERES: Shooting for the Stars

Megan Majeres plans to take a shot at college basketball


Megan Mejeres

Megan Majeres looking for someone to pass the ball to

Paxtyn Mangus, Staff Writer

Megan Majeres is 17 years old and is part of the class of 2023. Megan plays basketball for Frederick and plays a big role in the Golden Eagle community by spreading positivity and kindness to everyone. She has played on the varsity basketball team all four years of high school. Her sophomore and junior year they were able to make it to the playoffs. Megan says, “This upcoming year I’m hoping to go all the way.” She is also always ensuring that she is going to as many sporting events as she can to cheer on her friends and classmates.

The one thing Megan says she is going to miss most about Frederick High School is her friends. “I have friends in each grade and I’m really going to miss getting to see them every day,” says Megan. When she was a freshman, covid started so high school has flown by for Megan. She expresses her feelings about graduating this year: “I am terrified of graduating this year but I’m also excited to see where my life takes me.”

Megan describes her basketball team as her second family. “I could ask any of my coaches or teammates for help and they would drop whatever they were doing to help me out.” Sports can be one of the most impactful experiences for a high schooler. Megan says, “I also really enjoy all the memories from practices and riding the bus. Basketball has been my favorite part of high school and I’m glad I get to share it with the people I love.”

 For many student-athletes, trying to balance all of their aspects of life can be challenging. Megan says that “Balancing my social, school, and sports life has been something that has been really hard for me in high school. I really try to do my homework any chance I get so then I can do more fun things with friends and family. I’m really lucky because most of my friends are on the basketball team so I can kind of get the social aspect part during basketball.” It is really important for students to put their school work before sports but it is also essential to make sure they are having fun and enjoying their high school experience.

 Throughout her four years of high school, Megan has had many accomplishments with basketball. Megan states that “accomplishments I have had throughout high school is being able to play on varsity for the past four years. We were able to make it to the playoffs my sophomore and junior year.” Although they did not make it “all the way” those years Megan is hoping the team goes all the way.  She says that her most recent accomplishment was that she “got an offer for basketball at Hiram College in Ohio which was a really big deal for me.”

 After Megan graduates in May, she sees herself going to a four-year college to do something in the medical field. “I am really interested in prosthetics and hope to one day make and fit prosthetics for others.” With Megan’s big heart for basketball, she says that “There is a possible chance that I will play basketball in college, which has been a really big goal for me.”