JAY YBANEZ: Positivity in the Community

Jay Ybanez and his mission to make Frederick a better place


Kierstyn Vejrostek, Staff Writer

Jay Ybanez is 17 years old and a senior at Frederick High School. He plays tennis for Frederick high school and is all about spreading positivity to others. Jay has a big influence on the school’s community, especially being heavily involved with the student council. He is also a part of NHS, Sources of Strength, and Link Crew. Jay says, “My goal throughout high school was to leave Frederick a better place.” He works constantly to make sure that everyone at Frederick feels welcomed

 Jay makes many contributions to the school, including using his connections to spread positivity throughout all grade levels, from freshmen to seniors. He says that “High School is really tough. It is a coming of age time where you are trying to figure out who you are as a person, and being surrounded by positive energy will make you a better person.” Jay states on his mission at Frederick to help spread the positivity that everyone needs sometimes. “It helps you to become a huge positive contributor to society,” While being positive, you can help those around you also become positive.

How did sports impact your high school experience?

 On top of being a positive influence on many, a student council member, an NHS member, a part of Link Crew, and a source of strength, Jay also makes time to play the sport that he loves. “Sports impact your high school experience a lot.” Jay has played tennis for all four years of high school. “Sports can make me anxious to leave class to go play a match, but I definitely feel like its worth is at the end,” He says, sports encourage him; with validation, tips, practices, and more. 

 Jay makes it clear that playing tennis for four years was all worth it to him. Jay also says that he was able to make progress every year, and even though it may seem stressful at times, getting involved with any activity outside of school is something that he recommends to everyone.

How do you balance your social, school, and sports life altogether?

 “In past years, it’s kind of been hard to balance social, academic, and athletic lifestyles altogether.” Jay, being a senior, first started high school when the pandemic hit, like many of us seniors, being a freshman with two weeks off of spring break and then it felt almost as if we blinked and suddenly it was senior year. He says that he’s trying to enjoy his high school years more, especially as a senior. He also mentions work,

  “Still trying to make money so I can afford a social life is a little difficult.” As many struggle with a job on top of school as well. “Everyone is really different. And.. it’s good to be different! It’s good to be unique, and do whatever works for you because at the end of the day the most important thing is what you took away from high school, and how can you best prepare yourself for life?” 

What do you think you’re going to miss the most about Fredrick high school when you graduate? And how do you feel about graduating this year?

 Jay says what he’s gonna miss the most when he leaves Fredrick high school is going to be the staff and the environment. “Building those connections is really phenomenal.” He says about the school’s community, “I’m really looking forward to seeing how all of us grow, and where all of us go. Who we all become—“ 

 This senior under the spotlight is ready to graduate, but nervous to be on his own, “I think that other people should be aware of, and also be okay with. It’s okay to be alone. It’s okay to be nervous. But it’s not okay to give up.” He says, shining some light on a feeling that more than just a few seniors may share, and although we may be nervous, we shouldn’t let that feeling control what we want to do and what goals we want to reach. “It’s always good to acknowledge how you feel, but don’t try to let it bring you down.”

After you graduate, where do you see yourself going? What do you want to do?

 “I really want to go to DU, or maybe even CU,” Jay says, wanting to stay close to home, like many other seniors will probably do as well. He is thinking about going into college for Law, going into political science, sociology, or even psychology. He’s even thought about going into real estate because it’s something that he’s always had an interest in.

 We all hope to see Jay continue to spread his positivity to the world after he graduates because positivity makes the world a better place for everyone. Good luck out there Jay, you got this!