A Cure for the “Summertime Blues”

Zach Bryan’s newest album is an upbeat take on the Chill Summer Album

This is the album cover of Zach Bryans newest album, Summertime Blues. This album focuses on Zach’s relationship struggles and emotions growing up.

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This is the album cover of Zach Bryans newest album, Summertime Blues. This album focuses on Zach’s relationship struggles and emotions growing up.

Paxtyn Mangus, Staff Writer

Summertime Blues is Zach Bryan’s second album after his debut hit album American Heartbreak. He released the album on July 15, 2022. The starring song Summertime Blues is followed by eight other greatly crafted songs. The album is definitely worth listening to for everyone who already adores American Heartbreak!

Zach Bryan wrote a total of nine new songs that total to 28 minutes long. Summertime Blues really captures Zach’s emotions of love growing up. These songs surprised us with poetry and lyrics that hit us to our core. This young country music star has stolen all of our hearts with the rush of all of the musical components. The rustic feeling, well balanced instrumentals behind his orotund voice, these songs are perfectly balanced. 

In the song Jamie, he expresses how he never settled down, but by bringing in country star Charles Wesley Goodwin they really highlighted the raw and genuine feeling of the song. Songs like Motorcycle Drive By and Us Then have a rapid beat, but very heartfelt lyrics; he tells us how he cannot have this girl he wants and how much he misses her.

Throughout the album Bryan uses a series of metaphors to get his feelings across. ‘ Matt and Audie’ uses the metaphor, “I’ll buy you diamonds bigger than the stars at sea,” to show the obsession he has over a women. The star of the show, Summertime Blues really conveys the emotional feelings of summertime love. His choices of musical instruments in the album make the feelings even more raw. He uses a mix of guitar, piano, and harmonica in most of his songs, and then brings in some more unique instruments like the fiddle and banjo. All of these instruments bring out such a genuine feeling in the songs.

In addition to the metaphors, Bryan uses different tempos to convey the hurt, and loving feelings that he is experiencing. For example, in Bryans song:  Oklahoma Smokeshow he uses an array of tempos where he sings “I’ll be here, I’ve been up all night, Thinkin’ about a life with you and I, One you’ll never know ‘Cause you’re a small town smokeshow”. These lyrics are sung at a faster tempo to really exaggerate his thoughts of them together. 

Overall, Zach Bryan really hit the home run on this album, allowing all listeners to see and relate to his relationship struggles. After his last album “American Heartbreak”, he has continued to create astounding songs for everyone to enjoy; anyone can relate to them, no matter where you are in life.

Even though the songs may have similar plots, they all carry out unique emotions and messages that will capture you in the moment as you listen. 

All in all, I would entirely recommend this album to anyone who loves modern country music. Although it may not be for everyone, I swear you will not regret giving it a listen. Many young folks can relate to this album word-to-word, but some older audiences may have a hard time being interested in it.