Kick off the Year with Senior Year

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

The newest comedy film on Netflix Senior Year featuring Rebel Wilson was it for some and wasn’t it for others. Some had very big expectations for this film because Rebel Wilson was in it. But from start to finish, this film was able to capture a true sense of today’s society and many of the workings of it. Some felt that this movie was able to bring back some nostalgic memories at the beginning. This film was able to capture so many emotions that you would necessarily find in a film like Senior Year. What really made this film a ‘yes’ for many was the message that some were able to take away from it.

This new cheesy comedy on Netflix has people left with mixed emotions. But what really helps this movie’s success is the message that it sends out. Not to mention the acting was on point for what the film was shooting for. (Netflix )

This film starts out by telling the story of a teenage girl, Stephanie, who just moved to America from Australia. Her one wish when moving to the States was to be like all the popular and loved girls that she had seen in the movies. But in middle school she wasn’t popular and didn’t have a lot of friends, so when she started her freshman year she did anything and everything possible to become who she dreamed of becoming. She was able to accomplish everything she wished to. Stephanie even becomes the captain of the cheerleading squad and gets the boy of her dreams. Like in every other high school movie, Stephanie has one girl who hates her because of how popular she is. But with that being said, at one of their final performances, her enemy, who wanted to be captain so badly, planned to sabotage her performance, but it didn’t go to plan and it ended with Stephanie being stuck in a coma for 20 years. And when she wakes up, she is surprised to find a 17-year-old girl is stuck in a 37-year-old body. Stephanie was not very happy about this at all because her “dream future” was ruined.

Senior Year is a very well-made and realistic film. Once Stephanie wakes up from her coma and is in 2022, they are able to represent the difference in times that she was in and is in now. The way the other characters are able to describe social media, the economy, and popularity is such an eye-opener for Stephanie. Everyone around her is telling her how the times have surely changed, but Stephanie doesn’t really get the hint right away.

This film also gives a good message that popularity isn’t really all that important and it isn’t something we should even really care about. It shines a light on how it’s not about how you look, or who you are, but really who sticks by your side and stays loyal to you no matter what. This film, although it is cringy in many aspects, which is what people aren’t the most happy about, is almost expected for this film to be. I would like to add that the chemistry on screen between the characters is actually done really well considering some of the age gaps. Rebel Wilson played the 17-year old in a 37-year old body very well. She captured all the qualities that she needed to have and also had really great character development.

Senior Year is a very fun movie, even with its cheesy parts. What really stands out is the many underlying messages about social media. This film was able to capture the perfect amount of happiness, sadness, cringe, and comedy all at once. For anyone who loves cheesy comedies, this movie is perfect.