Nailed It

Acrylic nails are hot again despite student struggles


Courtesy of Ellie Kling

Acrylic nails have been around for a very long time. Over the years they have evolved into what some now call claws.

Ellie Kling, Staff Writer

Society is now socially accepting of bedazzled “claws.” Acrylic nails have become very popular over the years. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. It evolves from a short, squared tip to longer than an inch and fully bedazzled with gems. Acrylic nails were created in the 1970s but have become more creative and artistic throughout the years. The end goal of getting your full set is to be satisfied with the design and expect them to perform strongly and last a long time. Some people may disagree with the fact that they can also interfere with everyday life. Considering the fact that you may have to ask your friend to pick up your quarters, you dropped

Gel nails, also known as shellac, were introduced to the beauty industry in the 1980s. Gel nails originated in Greece, and eventually the trend began to spread across Europe. They became so popular because they lasted much longer than standard manicures. If you find yourself trying to grow out your nails or looking for a healthier alternative to regular polish or acrylics, gel is your best bet. Gel polish doesn’t chip or break, so you can keep it on for weeks at a time.

While interviewing Crystal, she claims that, “Acrylics don’t affect my everyday life because I can still do everyday things the same way. You just have to adjust.” I showed my nail tech an inspiration picture from Pinterest. “

The 70s were the time for natural-looking acrylic nails. These nails were seen to be worn long and were especially loved by the rich. Acrylic nails and nail art began to get more and more popular during this time.

Jeff Pink, founder of a nail lacquer and treatment company named Orly, created a simple natural nail style that consisted of pink nails with white tips that instantly took over the fashion runways and beauty industry. Soon the style appeared on the runways of Paris and everyone wanted the “French Manicure”.

Nowadays, having super long acrylics is something that is consistent and you’ll see around every day. Although they might be inconvenient for some everyday activities, some just are able to adapt. If you’re able to find the right shape, length, and style of nails that you’d love, then having some on might just be for you.