When Will The Wind End?

Recent storms have got Coloradans thinking, what’s up with this wind?


the wind blowing the American flag

Alexis Otterbein, Staff Illustrator

“It’s so damn windy I can’t even drive straight,” said Robert Allen, one of many students at FHS who despise the recent harsh winds. It’s been no secret that the wind in the Frederick area has been as brutal as ever in recent memory–and it’s affecting life in school. Track events during meets have gotten canceled, P.E. classes have had to adjust the outdoor curriculum, and baseball games have been postponed. So, why has the wind been more prominent as of late?

Well, according to www.sciencefocus.com, “Friction, atmospheric pressure, and air warming can all play a part in sudden bursts of wind. Gusts are sudden but short-lived increases in the speed of the wind. They’re often created as wind brushes past buildings, trees or other obstacles, with the friction causing it to slow and then speed up again.” It also has to do with storm patterns and pressure. Stronger winds generate more high-low pressure and generate throughout the state, and right now northern Colorado has a string of slow-moving, jet streams moving northwest to southeast across the state.

In a November 2020 study conducted by completebasementsystems.net, the top 20 cities in Colorado were identified for the highest average wind season. Fort Collins was number one, with the average wind MPH being 12.8. Last April the average was 21.72 MPH, to put things in perspective.

This sudden wind burst has affected students and many others. For instance, while driving, the vehicle may not be able to stay straight with the driver trying to maintain the wheel. Dust may build up and block a driver’s view, or there may be things knocked down, blocking the road. Fires have increased throughout this year due to the dryness and pressure. Many people can’t enjoy simply going outside because of how windy it’s been.

If high winds are forecast for your area, you should bring lightweight objects indoors, or at least tie them down so they do not become dangerous missile-like objects. Any downed power lines should not be approached. Instead, call the utility company. Stay clear from buildings under construction during high winds, as they can easily collapse or be sources of flying plywood or sheet metal. Wind can be dangerous, so be cautious during these times.

Many students are also frustrated with the high winds because they haven’t been able to follow their regular sports schedules. It’s just another twist thrown into all of our lives.

The wind issue isn’t just exclusive to Frederick. The Olympics had to reschedule a ski event due to the wind and cold. In the UK all football games were canceled due to wind on February 18th, 2022

The assistant principal, Doug Jackson, told us, “I’m not a big fan of the wind. I don’t enjoy it at all, because it’s hard on athletics and activities after school. I haven’t been to get outside as much as I would like to.”