Backpack Day Carries Lots of Issues


Art of Adriane Vigil

Frederick High’s prom spirit week, Friday’s theme: anything but a backpack day. Some had trouble bringing what they truly wanted to but some had success.

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff Writer

Junior Jay Ybañez brought a baby stroller from Target. “I thought it was really stupid and I think also kinda funny, I was gonna bring like an actual baby but I just brought my sock baby from social sike.” Jay didnt find any trouble with a teacher or admin trying to confiscate his stroller, “I was suprised because I walked in the front office and Dr. Fox and Mr. Gordon were standing there and they just let me walk through, I think its good that we have rules because it keeps people from brining in stuff that would cause chaos, I think that maybe the restrictions should’ve been a little lighter that allows kids to bring more fun stuff that you see on TikTok.” (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais)
Freshman Malia Jeffers brought a pot. “It’s small enough but I wanted to do something fun.” Like most student Malia also agreed that admin should’ve been less strict about the rules, “How can we do something fun when their is restriction on it like I get people and animals but c’mon it’s objects.” (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais )
Sophomore Lily Haas brought a kids shopping cart, “Well they put rules that we can’t have big stuff and I was going to bring a Barbie Jeep but you know it was to big so I brought a shopping cart instead because it was still funny, a teacher complimented my shopping cart. I think the whole rule of not bringing like your pets or you siblings is like okay I get that but c’mon I wanna bring my Barbie Jeep.” (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais )
Sophomore Zach Bailey brought a Lego Wagon. “I thought it would be funny carrying around school and rolling it.” Zach found himself in the safe zone even Mr. Crosby took a photo of him. (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais )
Junior Micheal Wojahn brought a PC Case. “I thought it would be somewhat funny, I wanted to bring a kayak but when Dr. Fox said no kayaks I lost it.” (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais)
Sophomore Maddox Peinado brought a baby bath. “I thought it was funny.” Maddox has found success in his item that he brought, “All of the teachers have laughed about it, they said it’s like the most creative thing they’ve seen.” Maddox believes that the rules are too strict, “ I think the rules are a little too strict, one of my friends wanted to bring an inflatable kayak; lIke that would’ve been cool, but they would’ve taken it away because it’s too big.” (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais)
Junior Ani Shull brought a 3 set of drawers. “I thought it would be funny and it was easy to put all my stuff into. It makes sense that we have to have rules because you don’t want people bringing in giant things.” (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais )
Freshman Hannah Schuelke brought her little sisters play shopping cart. “I thought it was funny” Hannah explains how it’s not as fun with rules, “I definitely think it’s not as funny as it could be.” (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais)
Senior Adriane Vigil brought a mini bike. “I wanted to think outside of the box and be a little creative.” Multiple teachers stopped Adriane in the halls about his bike, “They said I was allowed to have it but wasn’t allowed to ride it because it would get in the way, I had to carry it everywhere, I think a lot more people would’ve participated if the rules were less complex.” (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais )
Senior Brendan Gochanour brought a baseball bucket and Sophomore Micheal Poydock brought a little tikes car. Brendan quotes, I brought because I can have a seat whenever I wanna sit down.” Micheal Poydock states, “I just brought mine because it’s pretty cool.” Both Micheal and Brendan agree that it’s a bust that students aren’t aloud to bring certain things. (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais )
Sophomore Evan Sturn brought a bean bag. “I looked for the biggest thing in my room that I could put things in.” Evan found some trouble when he first arrived to school and was stopped by the front doors, “I got stopped at the front doors but my brother talked to them and they ended up letting me go.” He soon adds that hr thinks it sucks they had rules for the spirit day, “It just makes it less fun limiting what students can bring because if you do get to bring bigger items it makes it a lot funnier and you get to enjoy it more.” (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais )