Checking in on the Murphys

Jillian Margheim, Managing Editor

Netflix has made tons of amazing movies and shows over the years. One of Netflix’s most popular originals is F is for Family. F is for Family is an adult cartoon series about a family that has a few more difficulties than most families. The show’s main characters are the Murphy family. There’s Frank & Sue, Kevin, Bill, Maureen, and now Megan. They’re a happy family of six… well, somewhat happy. Season 5 demonstrates it very well. 

The show takes place in a little suburban neighborhood in the 1970s. Frank Murphy has always hated his job and the majority of his life. When he was in college he got Sue pregnant. This led to them getting married right away and having Kevin. Later on, they ended up having three more kids. Frank now works at Mohican Airways at the Airport as a floor manager. This hasn’t been the most stable job he’s had but it’s worked out. Over the seasons we’ve learned so much about Frank’s dad but I think the new season gives us the most information. 

The new season starts off with Frank’s dad dying. It was terrible for Frank as he had just started fixing his relationship with his dad. His dad did leave him with one thing though, a couple of words; “Box 16”. These words would, later on, send Frank on a wild goose chase through the season to figure out what it meant. He ends up checking any box (whether it be a cardboard one, locker, P.O. box or what) that he comes across. He eventually finds a key with the number 16 on it that helps aid in his search.

As Frank’s dad passed away Sue and her parents started to work on their relationship as well. Sue’s parents never approved of Frank and begged her not to marry him on their wedding day. But as Sue watches Frank’s dad pass away she decides it’s time that her parents and Frank get along. She also decides to rope her brother into it as well. Her parents don’t like her brother because he is, as the show describes, a “fruitcake”. So Sue invites both her parents and brother over for thanksgiving and hopes to amend all the bonds that broke. 

Kevin Murphy has spent the past two seasons drooling over a girl named Alice. At the end of season 4, Alice and Kevin ended up together. They were a happy young high school couple. Until Kevin discovered that she had another boyfriend previous to him. Kevin got extremely jealous and wouldn’t really give Alice any personal space. She ended up filing a restraining order. Oops, Kevin. He really had to work and show Alice that he meant no harm and that he really loved her. 

As far as Bill, things went pretty well for him this season. He ended up befriending his life-long bully; Jimmy Fitzsimmons. They actually made a pretty good team once they decided to a truce. They made all kinds of fun memories together and caused all kinds of mischief too. Including multiple fights. As for Maureen though, things weren’t so great. The new baby, Megan, has taken up all her parents’ free time and to her, it seems like all their love. She was no longer her daddy’s little princess. She spent most of the season trying to find ways to win over her dad’s love and get rid of the baby. Megan was as happy as can be though.

Although this show is quite entertaining, I would not recommend it to all audiences. It can be extremely offensive to some viewers and has quite a few triggers in it. It includes tons of foul language that would even make a sailor uncomfortable, very minimal but some nudity, and lots of other comments that can be found offensive. It has a lot of dark humor as well. So if you’re not into dark humor, I would stay away from this family.