‘Tis the Season to be Dumb


Alexis Otterbein, Staff Illustrator

As we know Thanksgiving has just ended, and with December starting, you’ll start to find Christmas absolutely everywhere. So much to the point where it even starts to get annoying here and there, such as ugly Christmas sweaters, gross foods, and a whole lot of other dumb traditions that the world has caught onto.

So what are some dumb Christmas traditions? Well, let’s start simple such as Christmas trees that aren’t green or even fake trees, to begin with. One of the main things about Christmas is the tree a classic green pine needle tree. Not a white or a purple maybe even red tree it ruins the original idea of Christmas almost like listening to a remix of a song instead of the original. It’s just not the same.

Don’t even get started on the weird Christmas tree decorations such things as feet, calculators, chairs, or even nail polish. It’s unnecessary.
Let’s not forget mall Santas. They’re weird, and it’s weird to pay a stranger to have your kid sit on someone elses lap. I understand the idea of kids wanting to see Santa but why would Santa ever be at a mall? He’s not even supposed to be seen at night—it’s just another way to spend money on the holidays.

How do these traditions originate? Well, the Christmas tree colors sort of just appeared almost like a trend. However, apparently different tree colors have different meanings that originated in the late 1800s. Red is a symbol of valor and bravery. Orange represents the world and stories, yellow represents royalty and wealth, and green represents the promise of life and spring. Blue represents Mary from Catholic Churches and white represents welcome and peace. Of course, everyone had always usually only had the green tree it wasn’t up until around 2014 when people wanted colored trees. Although these trees have meanings it’s usually only because it simply looks pretty to them.

What is the point exactly on mall Santas? Well according to Sheehan it’s to “lend an ear to kids who might be feeling lost” and that “being with Santa might be the best thing that’s gonna happen to that kid all day.” Mall Santas had originally begun in the early 1820s too 1840s. They can make up to 3.5k weekly, which is great and all but in my eyes, it’s still weird. I asked other people how they felt about mall Santa’s and here’s what one student had to say
(Caleb Fleming—Junior) “mall Santa’s are just creepy.”

There’s not much information about weird Christmas decorations or ornaments a lot of companies end up making weird ornaments because families often have inside jokes, or that weird item reminds them of someone or something. Or maybe they just really have an interest in something a bit odd. Christmas ornaments date back to the 16th century and they symbolize family shelter and protection. Just like the colors of a tree, they’re all supposed to symbolize something such as a bird symbolizes happiness and joy. Or an acorn as too symbolizing good luck because it comes from a “sacred oak tree.” But in today’s world, they put whatever looks “cute” or “funny.”

In the end, these dumb Christmas traditions bring smiles from families and friends so I guess it doesn’t matter, and enjoy the holidays however you desire.


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