Halloween Kills is Thrilling and Nostalgic



The new sequel ‘Halloween Kills’ is a classic and was for sure not disappointing. This film also brings back some of the classic actors from the original movie which gave the film that classic feeling everyone was looking for.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

Halloween Kills hit the theaters and Peacock on October 15. This new Halloween film picks up right where Halloween 2018 left off. Halloween Kills was put to a stop the previous year because of COVID, but this intense, classic, and thrilling film was definitely worth the wait.

The film starts off with Michael Myers in a flaming house. Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) screaming in the back of her truck to the firefighters driving by to “Let him burn!” She is then rushed into the hospital with the relief of finally killing the monstrous Michael Myers. But of course, the nightmare isn’t over. After killing scores of firefighters, Michael Myers once again goes on a killing spree (like in every other Halloween).

While the plot is predictable, the execution is really well done. Whereas most Halloween movies have Laurie fighting alone, this film sees floods of people fighting against the unstoppable Michael Myers. These citizens of Haddonfield are those who have previously survived the wrath of Micheal Myers, including Lindsey Wallace from the first film (played by her original actress Kyle Richards). These citizens start to take matters into their own hands, which gives the horror movie a different feel from most. The film is plotted so precisely a feeling of intensity is sustained from the beginning of the movie to the very last minute of the film.

As a fan of horror movies, this film was very enjoyable to watch. Bringing an entire town together in panic finally shows how dangerous Michael Myers truly is and how much he can do. This film was brutal and violent, which is all I ask for in a horror film. There are many breathtaking kills and lots of action. Some reviews are very negative about how Halloween Kills makes sense in the context of the first film, but Halloween Kills did everything but disappoint me. This movie was nostalgic with the characters who came back and set up a truly terrifying Michael Myers. I would recommend this movie to everyone who loves horror and isn’t afraid of bloody, brutal kills.