Haunt Your House with This Film

There’s Someone Inside Your House is a gripping Halloween treat



One of Netflix’s new and very well put together slasher, mystery, horror film definitely stands out amongst other movies. This film is perfect for spooky season.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

  As it is the season for horror, mystery, thriller, and just overall spooky movies everyone is on the search for the perfect film. Netflix is a good place to search for those kinds of films. What better than a film based on a small town in Nebraska with a small-town murder on the loose but, going for souls the high schoolers. There’s Someone Inside Your House serves everyone’s expectations and Halloween movie films. It gives all the great aspects it gives mystery, thriller, and horror. What more do you need? 

   There’s Someone Inside Your House starts off with a teenage boy all home alone then him deciding to go down for a nap before he has to get ready for his football game. He wakes up, his phone is missing and he discovers pictures of his biggest secret and biggest regret. He finds a trail of photos leading into a closet where out of nowhere he gets brutally murdered by someone with a mask of his own face. Then the film sets its attention to Makani Young (Sydney Park) and her group of friends. Makani and her friends speculate who they believe could be behind the murder. They bring their main focus on Olli (Theodore Pellerin) who is very quiet and mysterious. They suspect him to be the killer. But day after day and week after week more teenagers are being murdered by the killer who revealed their darkest secrets and wears a mask of their victim’s face.

  Soon the town enforced a curfew for everyone to try and help keep everyone safe. But like teenagers do, they ignored it and had a “secret” party. Meaning a party where everyone shared their secrets in hope of the murder to end if everyone was already open and honest. But something seems to be holding Makani back. What could she be hiding? 

There’s Someone Inside Your House is very well filmed and keeps you on your toes and keeps you looking and seeking clues to find who the real killer is and why they are suddenly murdering so many teenagers. This film is very elevated with the mystery factor. The mystery is what really keeps you engaged and watching to find out more. There’s Someone Inside Your House really explores the film’s characters and backgrounds deeply. It makes you get to know the character and digs into the characters’ fears and secrets. This film is also a great slasher film it gives the blood and gore from every murder to an art. 

There’s Someone Inside Your House does although not go much into the horror aspect of the film it has some in parts but I wouldn’t put it in contender with any other horror-focused film. This film does have a perfect storyline with the characters there to really devolve and elevate the overall story. In all, I believe this film was great. I thought that it was filmed smoothly and the storyline was to a tea with the characters bringing everything to life. It’s the perfect season for slasher and mystery films and I believe There’s Someone Inside Your House is a perfect film to watch for the season. Although there wasn’t much of horror to the film I still enjoyed all the other factors. Of Netflix’s slasher/horror film choices this film definitely stands out as one of the best so far.