Kanye Becomes More than an Artist

Kanye blows internets minds by telling them he is coming out with a documentary.

Krystal Tschida, Staff Writer

 Netflix has announced that Kanye west is putting out the release of a new documentary. By sharing a little teaser of what the project is going to be about. The film is called Jeen Yuhs, the film took around 30 Million to make and has been in the process of making for about over 21 years to even complete the documentary. The documentary will include things of wests day to day life and past that has not been shown. Yet we still don’t know the date this film will be put out but we know its coming soon and we are looking forward to it.


Jeen Yuhs was created by editor and filmmaker, clearance “coodie” Simmons and Chike ozah. Coodie and chike run a company called creative control, who will run the project along the studios. West is not apart of the corporate tho he is just in the film. Coodie and chike bought Netflix’s fist documentary over two decades ago. This documentary was bought back in April so most likely wont be out till fall of next year. Coodie and chike have also filmed rappers’ music videos.


Netflix released a spoiler to this documentary 3 weeks ago, which takes us all the way back to 2002. Two years before his very loved album the collage dropout it shows the old Kanye at full force. “Filmed over two decades ago Kanye is trying to break through as an artist and go through as a global brand artist. 


Kanye’s new album Donda goes along with his new documentary that will be coming out soon. Everybody was looking forward to the record donda coming out the record broke record charts getting at the top of  charts within hours of getting released. Donda was streamed over 60 million times. Donda has broke the 2021 record for being the top most streamed and played artist in one day. Kanye will be talking about some of his successes in his new documentary. We still are not quite sure when the exact release date will be for his documentary but we are excited for his documentary in the future.