“Old” Gets Old Fast

-this review talks about how old is not the best movie and decently not the best movie of M. Night shyamalan’s

Krystal Tschida, Staff Writer

 M.Night Shyamalan, has shocked viewers in theaters,once again the ratings on rotten tomatoes is a big mixture of feelings. Shyamalan is used to getting mostly bad reviews with previous movies and had previous reviews where people had said they were just not interested. In the theater people found themselves on there phones, talking and laughing when overall this is supposed to be a scary movie and it just wasn’t. People weren’t entertained overall the way they the movie was supposed to be laid off.“In the movie old I noticed that each day they would age,  they got brought onto the island and the kids were only 6 years old. And those kids that had a mind of a 6 year old because they kept ageing  and they got 20 years older everyday. The kids got pregnant in the movie and they dodged the whole concept of the movie.” (Credits: aew society ty on review page) “it wasn’t bad for the fact that me and my friends were dying in our rooms laughing we just didn’t get the concept of this movie, It had no storyline or a plot”  (Credits Zee smith review page). This movie is best not for younger viewers just because of some of the wild things that goes on in this movie. I’ve tried to justify liking M Night Shamylan movies. The concepts, the twists, the eventual buffoonery and let down that his films have come to be known for are all to present in OLD. What he keeps trying to do, by telling a fantastical story, gets muddled with so much idiocy. So much so, that his audience is left wondering “what did I just watch?” Or what did I just see.