Quill & Scroll Inductions

A look on the recently adopted honors society

Quill & Scroll Inductions

Susan Rose, Editor

Quill and Scroll is an honors society that has been around for decades but has just recently been adopted by Frederick High School. It has pulled in multiple students from current classes that deal with those subjects like yearbook or creative writing. This honors society does everything from creating the dream catchers to the school newspaper as well as managing multiple writing contests. As of right now there are six current members in Quill and Scroll at Frederick but later this month on the 24th over 10+ new members will be joining this journalistic honors society.​

​Although Q&S at our school started off a bit rocky, dedicated members have started to build it up. Even getting an entire publications class to formulate these extracurricular. In order to be inducted to this honor society there are a bit of prerequisites. Including a 3.0+ GPA, being a second-semester sophomore or more, and you have to have at least 15 cumulative points in journalism or creative writing.

Getting points can be a bit tough, ranging from taking classes like yearbook or creative writing (passing with a B or higher). To submit to the  writing contests, or even getting into the Frederick Dreamcatcher or just helping out with it. Just getting 15 might be a bit easy, but to get the honor cords you have to get 60 or more points (20 of them having to be from your senior year).

To be a member in this society can be a few different things. We have monthly meetings just to discuss the future of Q&S. We all work on the Dreamcatcher or Yearbook to make sure everything journalism in our school is in its best shape. We hope to bring writing to every student in Frederick and help them aspire to write themselves.