United by Spirit, Driven by Competition

Frederick’s Unified Team coming together in spirit for their the school

Aron Navarrete-Jimenez, Staff Writer

One of the aspects of high school that many students look forward to are the vast amount of games in which spectators and players alike are able to participate in to show their true high school spirit. From those ever so close football games in which both teams are neck and neck with little time left on the clock, to volleyball games in which both teams are playing their hardest, waiting to see which team cracks first, each experience is unique, providing their own style of entertainment and competition in which the whole school participate in. While many of these games have their own similarities and uniqueness which we’ve all grown to love, nothing beats the experience of engaging in what is debatably the true game of the year to see: The Frederick Unified Basketball Game.

​On Thursday, January 17, a unified basketball game was held after school, with the Frederick High School Unified Basketball Team defending against the away Longmont High School Unified Basketball Team. Both teams performed their hardest on the court, with many amazing shots and plays being thrown out onto the field that astonished the spectators as the two collided head to head in a close battle. And indeed it was an extremely close game, with the Trojans getting barely ahead of the Warriors at the fourth quarter, ending in a score at 23 – 33. Although it was a loss for the Frederick High School Unified Basketball Team, it was a hard-fought battle in which both teams pushed themselves to be able to participate in one of the greatest games anyone could see.

Nonetheless, the two teams ended that game with smiles, as an event like this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience, with the game reminding many that it’s all about the journey than the destination. As one of the junior helpers named Autumn Everhart put it, “It was an awesome experience to be able to help out and participate with the team! It didn’t really matter who won, as seeing all of us out there enjoying basketball together as we compete just brings a smile to everyone’s face. It was definitely one of the happiest moments for all of us.”

As soon as the game came to a close, the realization of true sports was presented vividly to all as everyone came down to cheer the team as they came off the court. Sure, some can argue that all sports are for competing, to see who’s the best out of all of them to reign supreme. But everyone can agree that these sports and games are for the experience and fun of it all. The only reason why we participate in certain sports is because we honestly enjoy playing it. There’s nothing that can reproduce the feeling of performing your best as the crowd cheers you on to become greater. It brings everyone a sense of bliss and contentment to appreciate, which nothing can better represent that than the Frederick High School Unified Basketball Team.
During one of the interviews with player #10, best known as freshman J.C. or Jason Albert, we were able to see exactly how such a sport can affect someone in that way. Although J.C. was a bit shy, we knew exactly how he felt about the basketball game from just looking at his wallpaper on his iPad. As we got to see, J.C. had a picture of the whole Frederick High School Unified Basketball Team set as his new wallpaper, smiling every time he turned his screen on as he admired the experience he was able to have in such an important game.