Turning Over the Competition

Frederick Warriors triumphant against the rivalry Mead Mavericks

Sam Scarberry, Staff Writer

On January 12, the Frederick Warriors basketball team packed their bags and headed to Mead high school in hopes of triumph.

Girls varsity and junior varsity took an incredible victory by beating the rival school.

Varsity worked hard and efficiently with quick ball movement and reasonable shots leading to their win of 46-37 and amazing record of on nine turnovers. Though they stayed ahead almost all game, JV did not have the same experience.

With multiple turnovers, many missed layups and even air-balled free throws, it was not looking good for them after the first half. Down by 17 points, they needed to pick it up if they wanted to win.

After an inspirational speech from their coaches Jen Hurtado and Nick DeSimone, the junior varsity players came out with a completely different attitude. A parent of one of the team members stated that they ”looked like a different team the second half.” Extremely tight defense and a strong man-to-man press broke down the Mead Mavericks mentally and caused a huge struggle getting the ball past half court.

”I honestly didn’t think we could do it,” said one player. With a comeback of 30 points, the Warriors won yet again against their opponents with an ending score of 39-36.

All teams played hard and wholeheartedly to beat Mead and Frederick has now made a name for themselves against their competitors. Currently, girls JV has the highest win record of seven wins and two losses out of all six teams and are ready to see where their hard work will take them.