Soles 4 Souls: The Latest Way to Help Others

Green Club’s new partner benefits people in need while being green

Soles 4 Souls: The Latest Way to Help Others

Aron Navarrete-Jimenez, Staff Writer

One of Green Club’s most important roles within the community of Frederick High School is helping the environment as much as they can in order to conserve our home. From raising funds to provide the school with a water-bottle refill station, to working around the school with staff and students on recycling and wasting correctly, to providing green life all around the vast classrooms in order to promote the health of the environment, Green Club aims in creating a green environment society needs in order to keep the Earth and life alive. Although, the world isn’t just Green Club’s only thing kept in mind, helping society out in different ways is also another main objective in order to preserve life within the community. In order to achieve such a standard and help make a difference throughout the world while staying Green, Green Club members, and leader Alex Martinez have found a program to partner with that does exactly so. This program, named Soles 4 Souls, provides relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing all around the world through the community service of establishments and high schools alike. From just donations such as used shoes, Soles 4 Souls uses such waste in order to recompose and distribute a new set of clothing/shoewear to the ones in need, recycling in the process while being able to help society while being green in order to preserve the world.

“We picked the Soles 4 Souls program because not only was it easy on the school environment, but it was also easy in the way which the school was able to provide that help,” explained Alex during the interview about Soles 4 Souls. “Without having to pay for things like shipping and handling, it’s easy way and good cause to help benefit society while being environmentally friendly, which is what Green Club is all about.” Through such a program, all of the school and its students (including Green Club) have to only provide worn shoes as a donation, with boxes planning on being placed all around the school in which students can easily leave such donations behind without much problem, later becoming recycled and turned into newer footwear. The best part about such a program is how environmentally friendly the process is, as such donations are used in themselves to provide for newer, better wear that’ll last for someone else without having to waste resources on creating brand new apparel.

“It’s not necessarily designed for something for our school as we’re already lucky with the resources we have within our school and community, from the amount of technology and resources we have. Soles 4 Souls instead allows people that are already benefiting from such to help give back to others while being green, as the design in itself is to donate our shoes to help those that are in third world countries,” Green Club advisor Mrs. Smith commented. As Mrs. Smith stated herself, it’s a chance for the people to easily help in a cause that’ll provide others the benefit of having a newer appearance, giving the school a new purpose of helping the environment and society by just easily donating older shoes, like ones that do not fit one you anymore.

Although such a partner and program is very nice for everybody, including the Earth with its green process, Soles 4 Souls will only last from March 4th to April 4th, giving students and staff a month to be able to help with the cause. And so the finger turns toward the Frederick Community whose responsibility and will to donate for the greater good will all be tested during the month of March.