Payton Buffington reflects on his athletic career at FHS and becoming a graduate


Lifes Journey Photgraphy

Payton Buffington senior photo.

Kylie Rusco, Staff Writer

Payton Buffington never really enjoyed school and he had to make sure he worked hard to be able to graduate. He overcame many struggles through his life in his high school and he is so glad he can finally move on. Payton plays for the Frederick Baseball team as a 3rd baseman, since he was little he always loved the sport. In his first two years he played basketball as well but it never really stuck with him. Since he was so dedicated to the sport he got accepted to Grand Canyon University in their club sports program. He decided that a gap year in the workforce was right for him since he never did well in school, this will allow him to see if he really wants to go back to school.

FS: What will you miss most about high school?
“I’ll definitely miss all my friends and teachers that I was close with and all of the fun high school experiences. Even though I didn’t get some of those junior year experiences I still had a lot of fun.”

Although Payton’s junior year got cut short he never gave up on his baseball career as well as passing to graduate.

FS: What is your plan after graduation?
“What I think is best for me after graduation is taking a year off and working because I was never really that driven in school, but I’m not 100% with that decision yet because I might want to go to college after a break.”

FS: What was your biggest takeaway from high school?
“Honestly high school helped me realize that you have to grow up. In high school you can only rely on yourself and you have to hold yourself accountable.”

FS: How has being in sports benefited your school career?
“Without basketball and baseball I probably wouldn’t have passed most of my classes. The grade checks and not being able to play in a game once or twice because of my grades really helped me to get them up.”

FS: Why did you decide to go into the workforce instead of college?
“At this point school really isn’t for me and it doesnt motivate me. The only thing that really helped me push through school was baseball.”

Payton has big things ahead of him because he is determined to work hard to be able to finally know what he wants to do in life. He will stay local to work and maybe work alongside his dad. He said he will definitely miss high school but is happy he can finally do what he wants without the pressure of grades weighing him down.