Ditching Ditch Day

Is ditch day still necessary or should we keep it?


Owen Etter

Senior ditch day this year was on May 13th, 2021 and about fourth seniors showed up. However, given the timing of this year, not a whole lot of people wanted to go this year. This then begs the question: is this day specifically necessary for seniors?

Owen Etter, Staff Writer

Senior activities are perhaps one of the most sought-after bunch of activities that everyone cannot wait to do when they’re put into their last year of high school. Considering how the 2020-2021 school year has gone, seniors didn’t get a whole lot of activities and only a few were held at the very beginning of the year, a handful in the middle, and now at the end, almost all of them are hitting at once. Don’t get me wrong, Senior activities are amazing, super difficult to plan, and ways for students to make their greatest memories.

Though this year felt a little bit different in terms of Senior activities and one of the most famous ones, Ditch Day, has had a lot of questionable feedback from lots of people. Again, planning an event like this is hard, especially if cold and rainy weather prevents an enjoyable day and you’re forced to reschedule. There’s one big idea that surrounds this day and that is: should we still do this day?

For the ditch day this year, it was forced to fall on the worst possible day because Thursday the 12th was the second to last B-day for most seniors, and the pressure of finals was going to keep them away. It’s as Senior Bella Berg said, “I just felt like it was very late this year and it didn’t allow for a ton of senior participation. It was planned late and right in the middle of senior’s final days of school. I would’ve loved to participate. I always try to participate and it was upsetting that I couldn’t due to the timing.”

Maybe it was the timing for some, maybe it was the idea of ditching school, or maybe it was a combination of both. But when it comes to seniors like Darlene Strange, things are a lot different: “Senior ditch day is something that I believe every senior should go to. It’s a great place to hang out with friends. With the craziness of COVID, I think that it is nice for us to get out and have fun before everyone moves on with the next chapters in their lives. It’s like that last big celebration for the senior class before we graduate. It’s something that’ll be remembered for years to come.”

To next year’s seniors: you can’t count on the weather or the mindsets of others and planning out an event for almost 250 students is hard. Not everyone is going to be on board with your idea, but that’s okay. Just try to find a day that works for most everyone and try to have as many events as you can make your last year of high school with your peers as fun and unique as possible.