Oxygen Is Outdated In This Film



Netflix’s latest film ‘Oxygen’ is a dreadful movie that would more so put a person to sleep rather than keep them awake rather than entertained due to it’s lack of a storyline, use of scenery, and overall plot.

Elicia Ramu, Editor

The end can be the most exciting part of a movie. In Netflix’s newest original film Oxygen the end was more than exciting to see for the very draining movie. Oxygen came out May 12, 2021, and at first, seemed like an amazing movie to watch. The film’s trailer was thrilling and exciting as it shows horror vibes by showing a girl trapped in a box with no memory and no clue where she is. All that she has to go off of is a built-in robot named M.I.L.O who cannot deliver any information or answer any questions without authorization.

The film’s intro was amazing as it drew the viewer in through a blur of a flashing red light with M.I.L.O telling warning signals saying that the oxygen level was low within the box that the girl (Elizabeth Hansen) was in. Unfortunately for Netflix, this was about the only exciting part of the whole film. As the lights flashed viewers got to see a figure wrapped in something unknown slowly try to break free. It honestly looked like someone had been mummified and wrapped in a cocoon before trying to break free. When the figure did break free you met Jane Doe who soon began to become known as Elizabeth.

Together Elizabeth tries to break M.I.L.O while slowly seeing images re-appear as her memory begins to come back to her. Still unsure of who she is though Elizabeth, goes through many challenges including people somehow managing to call her and lie to her, going through a psychotic break due to lack of oxygen that makes her see mice, and M.I.L.O’s programming trying to kill her. All together Elizabeth does her best to figure out what is going on.

Unfortunately for Netflix, other than the introduction the rest of the movie went downhill completely. When I watched the trailer it looked great. The title seemed a bit weird but the movie looked entertaining and overall interesting to watch. It looked like a typical sci-fi, horror thrilled movie especially because it looked like it wouldn’t just be a movie that was one hour and forty-four minutes long that would only be filmed in a box. My thoughts and the trailer were completely wrong. The whole film was of Elizabeth being in a box with little to no oxygen left and a robot that was talking to her. There were some flashbacks here and there and a few scenes that took place outside of the box but all of them lasted for about thirty-five seconds each. It’s ridiculous.

On top of that, the movie was so unrealistic. Throughout the movie, the oxygen levels seemed to decrease really slowly and then really rapidly which makes somewhat sense because if you’re scared, panicked, angry, yelling, or moving around a ton you’re going to take in more oxygen. However, at least in my mind, Elizabeth’s oxygen levels would have dropped within an hour that she was awake and out of her hyperspace sleep stage. So with that being said it’s still a bit weird that she started the film with about thirty-three percent of oxygen left in the box and it took a full hour and forty-four minutes for her oxygen levels to fully drop (based on the length of the movie).

There was also no background information at all. There were some scenes where Elizabeth would have a flashback to when she was on earth with her husband Leo and the world appeared to be in a crazy place where everyone was dying but there was no background to back it up. Alongside that Elizabeth was a doctor but it never really fully explained what she was a doctor for or how she ended up in the box. The movie mentioned something about being a part of the army but things still didn’t line up. There was no storyline, no plot, no inciting incident, or climax. The most exciting part of the film was the ending because the movie was over at last but even that didn’t make any sense.

All in all, Oxygen seemed like it could be a super good movie for families and kids to watch. It looked like it would be interesting and eventful from the trailer however like my instincts told me before I watched it by the title, this movie was one of the worst movies that I have seen. When I watch a movie I watch it to enjoy it and to be able to put my phone down and relax because I’m absorbed in the show and excited. This film was a film that kept me looking at my phone, pausing the film to see how much time I had left, and even almost falling asleep. Oxygen is a new Netflix Original that is rated to be on Netflix’s top five list. However, it is a movie that I do not recommend watching unless you’re looking for something to fall asleep to as it is incredibly boring and repetitive with scenes, flashbacks, and wording.