New iPads, Old iPads, and What to Do

What you’ll need to prepare for with next week’s iPad turn in.


Owen Etter

The hardest part of iPad turn-ins every single time is remembering your brick and cord. Do NOT forget it this time and make sure you also have all of your files backed up. Let’s do this swiftly and efficiently so there’s no trouble going into summer break.

Owen Etter, Staff Writer

Holy moly, it’s the end of the year already and the biggest indicator of that is when the teachers start telling us to prepare our iPads for the summer! In Advisory, iPad turn-in day was originally announced to be on May 10th, but it’s since gotten a little scrambled around with dates and requirements. There was talk of new iPads, multiple emails sent to students containing information about backups, and exceptions to the turn-in dates for seniors. Don’t worry at all though, because after speaking with some administration, the air can finally be cleared to give a vivid picture of what iPad turn-in will look like. 

To begin, the freshman, sophomores, and juniors have it pretty simple this year as they will be having a 75-minute advisory, on Thursday the 13th of May, to not just turn in their old iPad to a bin, they’ll have to set up their NEW iPad too. This process will be like most iPad turn-ins of backing up files, wiping the memory, and placing it in a bin. With your new iPad, it’s almost nothing like the old ones as you get a sturdy case that has a keyboard built into it, an Apple Pencil holder, and it’s a little bigger with a little extra weight. Again, that’s a pretty normal process, but you lucky ducks get brand new iPads. (Just don’t forget to bring your brick and cord too for check-in purposes.)

As for Seniors like myself, we’re also a little confused about what to do for this process, but after lots of clarification, we’re going to have to bring our iPads AND our brick and cord, on Friday the 14th to our senior lunch. If you turn in all of those items in good shape, you’ll receive your cap and gown as a ‘job well done.’ There is also one little beneficial exception if you’re a senior who needs to keep their iPad for some sort of project or report. Make sure to talk to the teacher of whom this project is for, and they’ll send a list of names to the library of students who need to keep their iPads a bit longer. Other than that, you should be ready to rock.

With all of that said now, this should allow for a lot easier transition because some information can get lost in the mess of emails or general stress at the end of the year. Hopefully, this helped out a little bit to have all of the information in one place. With that being said, let’s finish off this year with a quick and clean transition so we can all get to a very well-deserved summer break!