SENIOR SUNDAY: Asia Paluda Is Ready For The Next Chapter Of Her Life


Kira Ridenour

Asia Paluda chose to take on her futre by attending CSU.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

Senior year is one of the most important years of your life. It’s one that everyone looks forward to because it holds some of the most memorable and emotional things that one can experience. But the biggest experience that the seniors get to go through is graduation. Asia Paluda spent her four years of high school staying involved and playing soccer. Asia is a very focused student but makes sure she leaves herself to have fun because well, isn’t that what senior year is all about. It’s the year to feel free and get out and go hang out with friends and go on trips and sure enough, Asia does it all but is still able to balance her schoolwork. 


FS: What do you think you’ll miss the most about high school? 

“The thing I’m going to miss most about High School is soccer. Frederick women’s soccer was such an important part of my life and will hold a great impact on me for years to come. They became my second family and we made so many memories throughout my four years playing with them.” Asia stated.

Asia Paluda first started playing soccer at a really young age and over the years she has just gotten better and better. She decided to try out for the Frederick women’s soccer team and gladly enough she made the varsity team her freshman year. She has continued to play with the team and makes sure she shows out during each game she plays. 

FS: What accomplishment in your four years of high school are you most proud of? 

“The thing I’m most proud of in my four years at Frederick high is being a varsity starter all four years of Highschool!”

FS: Do you have any plans for your future after high school?

“I will be attending CSU as an incoming freshman in the fall. I am planning on studying sports medicine on the pre-physical therapy track.”

After many many choices of schools that were offered to Asia she finally got into the school she’s been dreaming about. 

FS: Out of all the schools, why CSU? 

“CSU has always been one of my top schools that I have wanted to attend ever since freshman year. Fort Collins has such a great atmosphere and social aspect surrounding it. It’s also close to home so I won’t be too far away from my family which was also a really big factor of my choice. Most of my friends are also going to be moving up there so I think it’ll be a fun fresh start.”

Asia is a very smart, inelegant, and easy person to talk to. She’s very kind-hearted and a fun person to be around. I believe that she will succeed and become the person she’s always wanted to be. But, throughout her high school years, it wasn’t perfect but she made the best out of it. Asia has made endless memories that she’ll never forget and made friends with people that will be her forever friends and family. Asia’s future is bright and she’s beyond ready to take on the next chapter of her life.