Top 5 Places to Visit in Colorado


The beautiful town of Tellurdie

George Murnock, Staff Writer

Colorado is one of the most beautiful and vibrant states that always has locals and tourists looking for fun activities. The beautiful mountains always have people excited for trails and long drives. Let’s dive into some of the top 5 places to visit when you’re looking for some fun in Colorado. 


5. Aspen 

Aspen is by far one of the most well-known cities in Colorado due to its luxurious ski resorts and beautiful mountain views. Aspen also has some of the finest cuisines in Colorado with restaurants like Betula, Clark’s Oyster Bar, etc. Off of experts travel opinions Aspen Colorado is the 5th best place to go on a ski vacation in the world. 

4. Denver

Denver may sound like an obvious choice full of tourist attractions, however, Denver is different than most capital cities, because it offers both mountain views and luxurious city escapes. Denver is full of some of the best museums, aquariums, breweries, and shopping streets in all of Colorado. Mother Nature is a prime factor in Denver, so if you’re a fan of a mix between rural and urban then this is definitely the place for you to visit.

3. Boulder

Boulder is also a widely known city due to its relaxed 60’s stereotype and its college party town. CU is one of the biggest universities in America, and the whole Boulder community is surrounded with CU energy. If you’re looking for fun activities with trendy restaurants, art galleries, and coffee shops, then Boulder is the place for you. Boulder without a doubt appeals to millennials as well as having ideals that are typically liberalism. 

2. Breckenridge 

Breckenridge was first founded in 1859 and still retains that old charm that is very intoxicating. Breckenridge was one of the first gold and silver mining towns that was established in Colorado. Winter days are usually what everyone thinks of when they picture this Victorian-era town because the mix of snow and architecture makes Breckenridge look beautiful. Some of the top-rated activities in this beautiful city are walking down Main Street, visiting Carter Park, and staying at Breckenridge Ski Resort. 

1. Telluride

Telluride is one of the smaller cities in Colorado but it without a doubt deserves our top pick, the powder hills in this city attract over 2,000 visitors to come and ride the slopes. Telluride has some of the most beautiful mountain views you will ever see and always has an abundance of music and cuisine. Some of the top-rated restaurants are The Tunnel, GNAR, The National, etc. Telluride also has some of the most luxurious lodges in all of Colorado that really give you that mountain feel. If you’re looking for an old mountain town with beautiful views and restaurants, take a trip to Telluride.