Stowaway Is A New Intriguing And Thrilling Film On A Chaotic Trip To Mars



In Netflix’s new film stowaway you’ll be surprised on the diffrent perspective of space travel compared to your typical space movie.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

  Netflix’s new film Stowaway is not your typical space travel movie. Many movies that are based on space travel or anything of that source all seem to stray in the same storyline and path. The casting of the movie was wonderful, all the characters played their roles perfectly. The four characters Toni Collette, Anna Kendrick, Daniel Da Kim, and Shamier Anderson. This film really showed a different perspective on how the normal trip into space movies go. But, this one was very different. The film was gripping in its understatement and use of silence. This film had a very little amount of dialogue and was very interested in digging deeper into the finer points of human nature.

Although Stowaway starts off with a scene of Anna Kendrick in the ship into space or their long two-year trip to Mars. During the launch, it seemed like an intense scene even though there was no dialogue. As the film continues with shots of all the characters little dialogue is spoken but it’s intense and it almost feels like you’re there in the ship with them. But after the ship is settled in space the movie starts to slow down and the initial hook into the movie that you feel initially at the beginning. But, soon after the movie begins to pick up as the three starting characters (Toni Collette, Anna Kendrick, Daniel Da Kim) find the fourth who is unexpected and puts their whole trip in jeopardy. The crew is working to try and find a way to help fix their situation as fast as possible but with the unexpected person on board, everything seems to become worse. 

On such a delicate trip, the appearance of this unintended fourth person poses a big issue. On the ship, there is only enough oxygen for three people. There’s no going back, and there’s no hope of an outside rescue operation. As a result, even as the small crew begins to suggest that the unexpected fourth individual will have to, well, die.

This film was very well directed and the casting made it even better. There was so much detail and work put into the making of this film and the director was able to capture this film in a way where it feels like you’re on board. This movie strays away from what everyone really expected it gave twists and turns that are unpredictable. I really enjoyed watching this movie even though I’m not much of a fan of movies that have to do with going on a trip in space because I find them to all be the same and for them to all have the same outlook. Stowaway was different; it kept me interested and ecstatic for the next scene or what they had to do next to make sure everything goes smoothly given the shipmates’ circumstances. This film is definitely one for everyone to love. It’s intriguing and full of surprises and twists. Stowaway is now streaming on Netflix make sure to cozy up and go watch it as soon as possible!