SENIOR SUNDAY: Working The Case With Desiree Wickstrom


Brittany Gallicchio

Desiree Wickstrom sits by a lake while posing in Lyons, Colorado for her senior photos taken by her older sister Brittany Gallicchio.

Elicia Ramu, Editor

The biggest thing that can ever be taught to a single person is that if you want to speak your mind, speak it, and don’t hold back when you have something to say. Desiree Wickstrom is a senior at Frederick High School who does just that. As a willing to speak, passionate, artistic, and outgoing friend and classmate Desiree always has something to say and she’s the least likely person to not speak her mind and because of all of that, she found her love and passion for the working field of criminology/criminal justice and social psychology.

“Criminology has always been something that has intrigued me and I’ve always wanted to figure out a way to protect the community and help out the community that has been my home for so many years.”

For Desiree, this is huge since she has lived in the community for seven years now and has been working at one of Frederick’s local restaurants (Georgia Boys) for the last two years and a half years.

To make things even better if it weren’t for FHS’s multiple classes offered either here at the school or through Front Range Community College and the popular show Criminal Minds, Desiree would have never fully found her love for the Criminology field.

“I want to be a behavioral profiler, I always thought that study in the minds of criminals would be really interesting to do as a career and I fell in love with Criminal minds and just the whole concept of taking the different pieces of evidence, gathering information, gathering data, and really trying to get inside the criminals head. It’s really interesting and fascinating to me.” Desiree stated.

This is why Desiree chose to go to Colorado State University to continue her studies while majoring in Criminology and Social Psychology.

“The reason behind why I chose CSU for college was because it’s where my mom went which is a huge inspiration for me and it’s also my dream school. Alongside that, it’s still located in colorado and it’s close to my friends and family so I can still visit when wanted.”

This is super exciting for Desiree and her reaction to getting into CSU was even better of a story to hear. When asked what it felt like and what her reaction was to getting accepted into her dream school Desiree said:

“When I found out that I had been accepted into CSU it was around 11 p.m. and I opened up the email to see that I had been accepted and then screamed at the top of the lungs with pure excitement while jumping out of my bed and running into my sleeping parent’s room to wake them up and share the amazing news.”

The story brings a smile to us every time we hear it as it’s exciting and filled with pure joy.

Desiree Wickstrom is a very thoughtful, hardworking, friendly, and compassionate senior at Frederick High School. She’s the type of student and friend who is friends with everyone that wants to be her friend and is not afraid to speak her mind when it’s needed. For post-secondary plans, Desiree is all set and ready to attend Colorado State University with a major in Criminology and Social Psychology. We are all super excited for Desiree and can’t wait to see what she does in the future. The best part is that she had some amazing advice to give to any student incoming or current when she said”

“The best piece of advice that I can give to any incoming students or even current students at FHS is to make sure to keep up with homework and get everything turned in on time, also become friends with the teachers because they are going to help you through so much!”