Change Starts with C

Colorado gets 8th congressional district, and with it, another electoral vote.


Colorado Department of Education

Here are the current districts of the state of Colorado and they total to seven. We’re going to get another district due to population increase in our state, but at the moment, it’s unclear where it will be exactly.

Riley McGroarty, Staff Writer

For around 20 years, Colorado has had 7 congressional districts, which determines the number of representatives in the house of representatives. But, it was recently announced that there will be another district coming to the state, bringing the total up to 8.

The reason for this is because of our growing population. Since 2010, 744,518 people have come to Colorado, and according to a 2020 count, the total population is now around 5,773,714. This amount of growth comes to 14.8%, and it is because of this growth that there will be a new congressional district.

Currently, it is unknown where the new district will be placed, but there is a bipartisan commission for where the new district lines are gonna be. This means that it will be fair in terms of where it goes. Also, the population has a lot to do with it, and there should be approximately the same number of people in each district.

The districts also could possibly shift in some areas such as Longmont, Erie, and even Frederick and Firestone. This is because of more people coming to these areas, rather than places like Denver. So, in order to keep it fair based on population, cities and even neighborhoods near us could be in a different district.

It is planned to come into place in 2022, just in time for the election for the house of representatives. This means that Colorado will get a new representative, which in turn brings more of a say in the house, including an extra electoral vote. Currently, there are 4 Democrats and 3 republicans in the house for Colorado, and this will change in the next election.

This is gonna cause a lot of big changes for Colorado, and expect more if the population trend keeps going in the direction it is currently growing. The country is changing constantly, and fortunately, Colorado gets to be a part of the change.