Class Of 2022: College Is Right Around The Corner

College is coming fast for the class of 2022. Are you prepared?


Darlene Strange

University Of Northern Colorado application

Darlene Strange, Staff Writer

Hey juniors, now is the time to apply to colleges and let me explain why. Each college only has a certain amount of spots that they can fill each year for incoming freshmen and due to the pandemic there could be a lot more applications. The pandemic has made it so many students wanted to take a gap year instead of going straight to college and that’s okay, that just means that they will apply when you apply which makes the application process a lot harder.

Best Time To Apply:

College is one of the things that school prepares you for so make sure that you get into the one that you want before it’s too late. Some schools that are taking applications for the class of 2022 in Colorado are UNC and DU. Other colleges will be taking applications starting August 1st so make sure that you’re prepared for that.  However, the best time to apply is early. Applying early will show you what schools you can get into. You should have an idea what is your top school and what school is your safety school.

The Process Of Applying:

The process of applying is pretty easy. You need to go into the schools website and click admissions and it should say apply. After you do that you must complete the application which will most likely ask about all of your information and an essay to show your work as a student. You can also use the common app for an easier application process. 

Class Of 2022:

This school year is about to end and it’s the most important one of your entire high school career. You took your SAT, you took more advanced classes, and most importantly you probably started to think about college. Now most colleges won’t let you apply until you get your SAT scores back but that shouldn’t take long. Some in state colleges are taking applications from the class of 2022 right now!

So just remember class of 2022 now is the time to prepare for college and to really think about which college you would like to attend. Keep August 1st in mind for every other college application except UNC and DU! Good luck trying to find the best fit college for you.