Car Accidents Will Happen: Be Prepared

Car accidents are something we have to live with every day. So be prepared just in case.


Darlene Strange, Editor

Car accidents, they happen. Car accidents happen everyday no matter what and the only thing you can do is be prepared just in case it happens to you.


Most teenagers that just got their license have no idea what to do if they were to get in a car accident and that’s okay. They worry about us knowing the laws of the road but they don’t teach us what to do if we were in a car accident. There’s some things that you can prevent and some things that just happen naturally. Let’s go over the basics. 


The Accident Happens: 

The first thing that you should do before you get out of the car to check things out is to make sure that you and any passengers are okay and not badly hurt. After you assess the situation of everyone in the car now is the time to check on the other driver and your vehicle. The last thing that you should do is call the police and wait for help. 



Start by asking any of the passengers and yourself if you have any pain in any place on your body. If the answer is yes check for bleeding and or bruising. If the injury looks bad call the police right away before checking on the other driver. 


Checking On Second Driver:

Although you may be angry that you hit someone or they hit you, it is always good to check on the other drive to make sure that they aren’t badly injured and you don’t need immediate medical attention. 


Call The Police:

Calling the police will insure that everything is taken care of with getting the insurance and getting the statements. This will be very helpful for when an insurance claim is filed. The police will also bring the fire trucks and ambulances to also insure that everyone is safe. 


Always Remember:

In the case of an accident always remember to check on you and any passengers for injuries, check the other driver for injuries, check on your car, call the police, and have your insurance card and statement ready. As always be safe driving out on those roads, you never know when an accident will happen.