Godzilla vs. Kong: Was It A Bust?

The most talked about movie is finally out… but is it worth the watch?



Godzilla vs. Kong is final here!

Darlene Strange, Staff Writer

Godzilla vs. Kong was quite literally the number one movie of this year. The most talked about and most hyped up movie of our generation however I think it was one of the weaker of the movies. After watching every movie in preparation for this movie the least I could say is that I was very disappointed. 


To begin with the intro was very interesting. It starts off with Kong walking around what looks to be where he is from. We then see a little girl who seems to be the only one that can actually talk to Kong. The movie then leads to Kong getting angry and revealing that he was in a Dome. They had to keep him in this dome because if Godzilla found out exactly where he was he would come go kill him. Depending on the person you talk to you will get a different answer about who should win the fight Godzilla vs. Kong. I will keep my opinions to myself but I will say it definitely didn’t end the way I wanted it to end. 


During the movie I was very engaged. With all of the fighting scenes it really draws you in however, I would have liked to see more of the background for them like a recap. My reasoning for this is because this movie was hyped up for a long time and many people who watched it have never seen all the movies so a recap would have been nice. Another reason I would have loved to see a recap is because I personally don’t remember movies that I watched years ago, so seeing why Kong was pit in the dome and just a recap on Kong’s life and a recap of Godzilla’s life. 


I won’t give out any spoilers of the ending but it definitely wasn’t how I expected it to end. Actually scratch that it’s exactly how I thought it would end. Watching the movie all the way through I had really big hopes that it would end in an amazing way yet I was disappointed yet again. I think that the writers could have made it more detailed and changed the ending not all the way but change the ending just enough so that it would be helpful to everyone’s expectations. 


I have heard many peoples opinions on the movie some are good and some are bad but I think it all depends on how you look at it. Some people have watched every movie and think that it should have nodes differently like me and some people have watched every movie and loves the ending. Overall the movie was good but it could have been better. It definitely could have used a better ending but I will still say that it was a pretty good movie overall.