The Rock Gets His Dream Role


George Murnock

The Rocks Instagram post announcing his second phase of training for DC’s “Black Adam”

George Murnock, Staff Writer

Over the past few months, we have heard about numerous teasers and rumors about the upcoming “Black Adam” movie. It has always been Dwayne Johnson’s dream to play a superhero, he even mentioned in an Instagram post in 2019, “As a kid, Superman was the hero I always wanted to be. But, a few years into my fantasy, I realized that Superman was the hero, I could never be. I was too rebellious. Too rambunctious. Too resistant to convention and authority,” However the character Black Adam is a perfect role for the Rock because he is a former villain trying to find his hero side. He has the perfect amount of rebelliousness and rambunctiousness for Dwayne.

The movie was rumored to be in production in October of 2020, we got an official announcement on Dwayne’s Instagram in November of 2019. However, in the last week, we finally got a teaser video that was premiered in sync on every billboard in Times Square on March 29th. The video shows multiple images of The Rock as Black Adam, it was just a teaser so we weren’t able to gather a lot of information on the plot or characters. Another big news story revolving around the characters in this movie is that Pierce Brosnan, former James Bond actor who appeared in “GoldenEye” in 1995 will be playing Dr. Fate in the “Black Adam” film. Two A-list celebrities, one as the hero and one as the villain, definitely gearing up to be the movie of the year!

Dwayne mentioned in his Instagram post that the movie won’t be released until July 29th, 2022. Which gives lots of time for new information about the plots, characters, etc. However, the movie will without a doubt center around Black Adam himself, as well as introduce the whole Justice League with actors like Noah Centineo playing Atom Smasher, Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate, and Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone. This should be a very exciting movie because it has always been the Rock’s dream to play a superhero so we know that he will give it his full attention.