‘A Week Away’ Is Surprising Everyone and Sweeping Them Off Their Feet



A Week Away was a film that a lot of people expected to not like because of the musical aspect but it ended up getting amazing reviews and tons of love.

Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer

Netflix’s newest film A Week Away is getting a lot of people’s attention. It hit Netflix’s platform on March 26, 2021, and has produced a lot of positive feedback since then even though a lot of people tend to stray away from liking musicals. The film gives off ‘High School Musical’ vibes as well as many other popular Disney musicals although not being a Disney film itself. This film is a very kid-friendly and fun movie to watch with the family. It’s inspirational and full of inspiring messages throughout the movie even though in some spots there is still that cheesy aspect of a musical.

A Week Away starts off with a teen boy (Will Hawkings) running from the police because he had managed to steal a cop car. Will’s past has been hard and he is facing many challenges like having to find a new school, new foster parents, and pretty much just a whole new life. Unfortunately, he is on his last string. So, when he is given a choice of a new foster home that is willing to take him in and help him see the brighter side of things at a summer camp instead of juvey, he takes a leap of faith and decides to join the family willing to help him. 

When arriving at this summer camp Will had no idea what was in store for him. There were no intentions of staying or having fun. Right off the bat the singing starts and Will is beyond confused but that all gets interrupted by the sight of a beautiful girl (Avery). However, as the day goes by Will starts to get more comfortable with everything. Then it is revealed that the camp has a massive competition of the cap that’s split into three teams: the warrior games. The rest of the movie is great. The musical numbers, the positive outtakes, and the friendships and family that are created is very touching. 

The casting in this movie was also great, all of them with a great voice which made the musical numbers even better, it came so naturally and the outtake of the final film was flawless. The message behind going from having nothing to becoming rich with love and positivity is really touching and is something many of the film’s viewers could relate to which, I think is what made the movie so enjoyable. 

Overall this film was excellent. It was fun to watch and ended with wanting more. It was all the aspects of a movie that I love, comedy, a strong message, romance, and every other aspect it brought to the table. Although this movie was indeed cheesy in some spots I think that in the ending it was all made up for. Especially for being a musical, I think that this film wowed a lot of people that weren’t expecting to be. Maybe this is the film for you or maybe you don’t think it is. Either way, it will surprise you like it has for many others. If your looking for a good romantic, inspirational musical that will warm your heart then A Week Away is perfect for you.