Quinn XCII’s New Album Is About Soul Searching And Self Reflection



Quinn XCII came out with his fifth album this month on March 5th.

Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer

  Quinn XCII has just come out with his fifth album Change of Scenery ll this month on March 5th. This album is another make-up of his album from 2015 EP Change of Scenery. This album is very well made and is definitely more thorough than his 2015 version. Quinn also has three tracks on the album that he is collaborating with other artists. This album has a lot of ups and downs and mixed emotions and feelings to each of the songs, some like the others and some that just feel way different. 

  Quinn starts the album off with a short 1-minute song/vocals and introduction called We Made This In Newport it really doesn’t have much going on in it or anything really exciting about it either. The real track that gets this album started is the second one Distracted Youth, where he mainly focuses on how teens seek attention instead of love, there is really no build-up in the song it’s very subtle and calm with amazing instrumental in the background. 

In the tracks, My Wife & 2 Dogs and Mexico City both are solely focused on escaping some situations to be able to find themselves and to adventure, and overall just finally to get a change in life. 

  In a couple of the tracks on this album, Quinn XCII really shows how he just wants to escape life and go be crazy and have the time of his life. He shows this in the tracks, Stay Next To Me ft Chelsea Cutler, Doris Terrace ft Jermy Zucker, We Don’t Talk Enough ft Alexandr 23, and Feel Something. These are the perfect summer road trip songs to put the windows down and just have a great time getting away. 

  In the track SOS, the lyrics are about someone sinking and coming close to drowning. But there seems to be a background to it that more than just someone sinking more like someone is trying to get out of something but feels trapped and they’re just in a darl place. Hey, Goodbye became a hit all over Tik Tok and is based on a friendship that both the people went through the seasons together.

 On his track Monday Morning he seems to be talking about someone he had just recently met (a girl) and he’s confused if what they have as a relationship is over or not. It seems that the relationship died out over some time. 

  The last and final track Look How Far We’ve Come is about how far Quinn XCII has come himself, especially from college. This track is very inspirational to shine a light on how much he’s had to work to get to where he is right now in life. Quinn XCII has definitely come far in his music career. Quinn has so much talent and passion for what he does and in this album especially he put his all into it. 

 Change of Scenery ll is definitely something that everyone should hear. With the wide range of song types and musical instruments, and his beautiful voice, etc this album is really fantastic. This album is definitely different from his others while his others have a lot of focus on love and passion this one shows him letting go and soul-searching for himself and how far he’s come. With summer just a couple of months away this album sure will get you excited for it. So if you want a little fresh summer sound or just a chill and fun album to listen to make sure to add these songs to your playlist.