New Stimulus Check Coming Soon

It’s been a year since Americans have revived the first stimulus check and they’re about to receive the third.


Sarah Hayes

The stimulus bill has passed!

Darlene Strange, Staff Writer

Guess what, everyone, a new stimulus check was just passed! A year after the first lockdown and the first stimulus check was sent this will be the third check being sent out to Americans to help stimulate the economy. 


First, the stimulus check had to be passed by The House where that seemed like an automatic pass. One of the big things that the Democrats wanted to have stay on the bill was the raise of the minimum wage. It will be raised to $15 an hour if passed. 

Second, the bill would have to be passed by the Senate. The Senate was very adamant about not passing the bill with the raise of minimum wage. The Senate ended up changing the bill leaving it without the $15 minimum wage and sending it back to The House.

Third, the bill went right back to The House where it needed to be passed again without the $15 minimum wage. This bill passed within days of being back at The House.

Last, the bill was sent to President Biden where he signed it a day earlier than expected. This means that starting this weekend Americans can start to see the $1,400 deposit into their bank accounts.

After a year of so much loss the government is at least helping cover some bills. Even though Americans have only revived $3,000 it has definitely helped stimulate the economy with paying bills, groceries, and shopping.

This bill has been in the works for months and was one of the things that President Biden has promised Americans from the day that he entered into office.