Social Media Equals Responsibility

When having a social media platform and being on social media it’s extremely important to know how to be safe and the dangers that often come with being apart of such a large platform.


Kaya Paluda

In this picture is collage of Kaya Paluda’s social media profiles. Including, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter. Having a social media platform comes with many responsibilities to keep yourself safe and happy.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

 Social media can be used for countless things. A lot of social media users find many different ways to use their platforms. Nowadays people of all ages are starting to use social media which is great and not so great due to those who do not know how to correctly use the apps. Social media is a tool that allows communication with others by posting or sharing photos, videos, personal information, comments and more that are all able to happen by just the touch of a button. But, sometimes social media can get out of control and out of hand when you don’t know how to use it properly. One mistake can cost you so much just by using social media. 

  When having a social media platform you need to be able to navigate and have as much information about the social media app as possible so you know what you’re able to do. Social media brings many opportunities to a person like being able to become a ‘social media influencer’ which puts you out there exposed to the public eye. For some this can become a huge problem because of the lack of knowledge on how to use their social media platforms. There are endless things you need to know about using social media because when worst comes to worst it can become dangerous with how you decide to use it or how you decide not to use it. 

 Generally, when having a social media account you should know that even if your account is private nothing on social media is private. Practicing being responsible with your social media content is important when you first start your social media platform. Take into consideration what could happen before you post, or comment on someone else’s content. 

  These are some of the responsibilities of social media users:

  • Post positively and set an example of a good social media platform for others. 
  • Don’t post any photos, videos, comments, etc that can encourage any illegal activity.
  • Never show any material that is hateful or racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive.
  • Never give any legal commentary or any lgal advice. 
  • Prevent from violating laws and regulations of a social media app, like the apps IP rights and others content that you send or receive. So try to avoid copyrighting.
  • Keep your passwords private and secure. Try to make a unique password and something that only you would know and remember. 
  • Never send any material in any way that is looked at as disruptive, threatening, profane, abusive, harassing, embarrassing, tortuous, defamatory, obscene, libelous or is an invasion of someone else’s privacy.
  • Beware of the content you’re posting and seeing in your feed. If it’s harmful or anything in that matter help yourself and others out by reporting it to keep the social media app safe. 

Being in the social eye is something that in the 21st century is common for almost everyone. But, being safe and being responsible with your content is the number one rule of being a social media user. There are people and sites out on social media that can be out to hurt your content or to mess up how you are perceived in the eye of social media and others. However, with the correct knowledge of your responsibilities you can prevent most of the bad parts of social media. There’s also always the posibility of your account getting hacked or other friends’ accounts getting hacked which is why it’s important to remember to never click on a link that a person you don’t know sent you, that sounds fishy, or sometimes even that a friend sends you.

Social media is an extremely fun thing to use especially with all of these apps like Instagramn, Snapchat, Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebook, etc. Each app is fun and cool each in their own way even though they are all still pretty similar to each other. When using social media you want to fill your feed with positivity and positive information instead of information that will tear you apart or make you feel down on yourself. It’s an important thing to know and it’s important to stay safe. You never know what can happen in a single second or what can pop up or be sent to you. That’s why it’s always important to remember to be safe, take precautions, and never be afraid to just log yourself out for a few hours, days, weeks, or even months if social media becomes too much.