What Was The Past Should Become The Present

In 1981, there were all kinds of classes you could take that would be very interesting if they made a comeback.


Owen Etter

This list of classes was offered here at Frederick on March 16th, 1981.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

Now that the school year is closer to an end and it’s time to sign up for next year’s courses, we are all eager to see the classes that are available and that we could have the possibility of taking next year. Normally this time of year is exciting, that is until there are not that many class choices to go around. When there aren’t classes that are interesting, fun, and different from the typical classes offered it can be a lot less fun and extremely uninteresting.

In the past, Frederick has offered a lot more classes that were fun and made people excited to take just at the thought of it. Now however it seems like most of the classes offered are either classes that have already been taken or are just tedious. Bringing old classes back that have been offered in the past can be a good idea as it may draw more and more students to our school rather than others as well as get students already at FHS to sign up for more classes.

There were classes offered at FHS a long time ago like cooking classes, other world languages, driving classes, industrial arts, physical education, business, typing, and many more. Students at Frederick would love some of the classes that were offered then if they were offered now even though some of them are educational outside of school.
In the past, FHS had endless amounts of classes that were on the course sign-up sheet that was very selective. There were classes like; typing, record keeping, german, home economics, beginning sewing, driver’s ed, life, and earth science. They were classes that many students nowadays may not have heard of nor know how to use because they are not offered anymore. Classes that could be very beneficial to generations now and upcoming generations.

Bringing back a couple of these classes could help with life skills, not just the basic math, English, history, or science classes because some of these other classes could help with a benefit later on life skills.
We use math almost daily. We use English to help us read and write as necessary in our everyday lives, we use science almost daily to help with remembering certain methods or even just knowing cool facts, and we know history to help us know about our past. What we don’t know is anything that can help us outside of school and in our everyday lives in the future other than our one-semester personal finance class that’s required to graduate.

Classes like home economics, driver’s ed, the contemporary living are all courses that could get students ready for the real world. With home economics, there are different types of classes available within it but the common one would help you to learn about nutrition, special diets, healthy foods, and ethnic foods. While also having you learn to prepare individual meals along with that you would have to learn to sow.

Drivers ed could help students to get their learner’s permit. Nowadays drivers’ ed can be expensive whether you get it online or do in-person classes it gets pricey. But with having it in school as a course you are offered it and it won’t be as expensive thus helping not just students but families with more than one child as well. This course would be perfect for freshmen looking to get their learner’s permit when they turn 15 and even upperclassmen who have not yet taken the learner’s permit test or driver’s ed.

Contemporary living is another great class that could be offered to students who wish to prepare for life ahead of others. The class covers career explorations, job interviews, application forms, economics, single living, raising a family, etc. It’s basically like a personal finance class but advanced slightly more.

If we were able to bring these classes back then there would be so many possibilities and experiences that students don’t usually get. On top of that, it would also help students be more prepared and feel more comfortable leaving high school knowing that they know things that’ll help them after high school rather than how some students feel now while being either in their senior year of high school or a few years away from it.

To make things even better FHS also offered classes that consisted of the basic four classes that needed to be just more expanded and selective. Some of the classes offered were ones like exploring show and power, reading labs, tutoring younger kids in reading, earlier geometry class that was slightly more simple than regular geometry, and more classes that are unheard of to students today. These classes are a ton of fun and are the same classes we would take now but with a slight twist that makes them more entertaining. That’s not to say that all of the classes currently offered are boring though.

If we were to bring some of these classes back it would benefit students greatly as it could be getting students more involved within their schoolwork and academic life, it could help students to better prepare themselves for their post-secondary plans, it would help teach them life skills that are necessary to know, and it will overall make students feel better about leaving high school because they’ll feel more independent and like they’ll be able to survive on their own.

Picking out new classes towards the end of each semester is a huge thing that is normally very exciting throughout your first two years of high school but gets a little more uninteresting towards your last two years of high school. As students begin to hit their last two years of high school classes become tedious as it feels like they’ve taken all of the classes offered even if that’s not the case. If FHS were to bring in some classes that they used to offer like woodshop, typing classes, economics, cooking classes, drivers ed, and more it will most likely benefit them in the long wrong as it’ll help to grab students’ attention more and help them to achieve more credits than needed by graduation. I think it would be a great idea if we brought back some of those old classes that will teach students the life skills they need to feel ready for after high school or even during their high school years.