The Texas Freeze


Getty Images: Scott Olson

Texans were in a really big struggle the other week with having to shovel snow and deal with intense and freezing temperatures like they’ve never seen. This caused all sorts of trouble for all sorts of people.

Kylie Rusco, Staff Writer

This last week Texas went through something very unexpected. Texas was frozen and many people struggled to make it through.

Although a snowstorm and below freezing temperatures do not seem like a big deal to most people, Texas is not Equipped to deal with snow or ice. They had no snow plows, salt trucks, and houses that hold heat.

The snowstorm began in February as temperatures began to drop throughout the state. People started to worry especially as the ice started to get worse causing some of the largest car crashes, cars were getting stuck in snow, and in Texas most people do not know how to drive in snow and ice so they became stuck.

Towards what many people thought was the end power started to go out in a majority of places in Huston and San Antonio and left people struggling to find warmth. This winter storm left dozens of Texans dead, millions without power and nearly 15 million with water issues could be the costliest disaster in state history, potentially exceeding the $125 billion in damage from Hurricane Harvey. This will continue to bring impacts on the people in Texas.

Communities were desperately trying to find warmth as many of them tried to leave their homes and go to a different state. The blackout and water crisis has caused terrible damage and problems to the people in Texas.