Kid Cosmic and This Review



This quirky TV show is fun to watch for people all ages.

Sarah Hayes, Staff Writer

In every superhero movie and TV show that we watch, we see that there’s a hero who has been granted extraterrestrial superpowers that they can usually master in a matter of on-screen minutes. However, this sad cliche thing that production companies do becomes boring and repetitive after a while.

However, Netflix changes the stereotype with one of its new series, Kid Cosmic. Currently with 10 episodes, Kid Cosmic is a goofy, cartoony show about a boy who finds these five magical space rocks that grant different powers based on which rock is being held or worn as a ring. The boy, Kid Cosmic, is a young orphan living in the desert who came across the rock while riding his bike in the dark, and he turned them into fashionable super-rings by supergluing the rocks to large hex nuts.

He shares the rings with his group of friends, Pappa G, who is an elderly man that he lives with; Jo, a teenage waitress desperate for adventure; Rosa, a young toddler who loves playtime; and Tuna Sandwich, the lovable cat.

Together, this goofy and diverse group works to defeat invading aliens trying to steal the rings and gain ultimate power.

Still sounds like the stereotype, right?

The difference that this show makes compared to others is that the characters never master their powers. They aren’t even all that good with their powers in the beginning. The characters feel real. They aren’t perfect, and they keep making mistakes. These mistakes that they’ve made, they learn from. It’s awesome watching a show that does that because society makes it an expectation to be perfect.

These characters grow (a majority literally, one physically) as they learn from their experiences. And while they aren’t perfect, you do watch their progress as they get better with their powers.

My main issue with this series is that I don’t think it was long enough. Sure, it was 10 twenty-minute episodes of a group of people playing around, but I think they could have expanded a bit more on this series.

In one of the episodes, when Tuna Sandwich finally joins the team, the team goes through a flurry of fights and the member that did the best job in battle would earn a medal. I think if the producers had worked a little bit harder and made each fight into an episode or even have two fights in one episode, we’d have more content to watch in a time that isn’t a one or two-day binge.

I also would have loved to see character development stories where we see more of each character’s back story. We get a gist of who each character is and what they are like, but there isn’t really any exposed back story of all the characters. I think it would be good for viewers to have these episodes throughout the series to get to know the characters a little bit better. We don’t even get the backstory of the main character until the end of the show, which wasn’t even that much of a backstory, it was just two minutes of making the main character upset.

I also wish we got to see more of the side characters. Yeah, they’re side characters, but when the story is set in a desert and there’s no one else around other than a group of seven people, it makes me want to know about them as well as the main crew. Instead, the characters just fill an empty seat and have minor addition to the show.

Overall, this is a great series that I would love to see Netflix expand on. It has great potential as a show, despite being something that can probably be finished in a day. With it being a different kind of superhero show, it’s a great show to watch if you’re bored of the same old stuff.