Has Morgan Wallen Been Cancelled… Again?

Famous Country star who’s been rising on the charts is now beginning to lose followers after viral video of him saying the N word hits social media.

Collin Thompson, Staff Writer

As anyone famous can probably tell you, every word you say is heard by the public. Even if it’s said in the privacy of your own home, anything you say could go viral on the internet in a single second. One word, in particular, can be especially devastating to anyone’s career. It can make you hated by the public and get you dropped by business partners. The most recent and one of the more prominent examples of this is Morgan Wallen, who was recently recorded by his neighbor saying very offensive profanity while walking into the comfort of his house. 

The video that was posted quickly spread across all social media after initially being posted to Facebook. It consisted of Wallen stumbling up to his house while yelling a bunch of profanities including one profanity especially that is seen as incredibly offensive. The video appears to show that Wallen was yelling this to what looks like a group of friends who followed him into his house. To say the least, since the video has been posted Wallen’s music career has become a major controversy with yet another famous person having the potential of being “canceled”. 

The whole encounter in itself was captured by a neighbors doorbell camera. After the video hit social media’s platform, Morgan Wallen was quickly dropped by his record labels “Big Loud”, “Republic Records”, and “Pancrea Records”. This video also came at a time when Wallen was quickly rising through the ranks of the music industry. There is little to say besides the huge fact that this released video has taken a giant hit to Wallen’s career. However, it could also be seen as a huge boost to his musical career. 

Supporters of Wallen have made his already hit song “Whiskey Glasses” rise up through Billboards top 100 country songs, and it is currently sitting at number 1. Social media is also on fire with debate over whether or not Wallen being dropped by his labels was fair. One side says that it is absolutely never okay to say the n-word, and they think it is absolutely fair that he gets dropped by his labels and essentially has his career in the public eye forever ended. The other side argues that it is just a word and it is not fair that he has his life’s work ruined for saying something that is just a word while in his own driveway. 

New evidence has also surfaced that the neighbor who released the video on Facebook could have been secretly recording Wallen for months in an attempt to make him hated by his fans. Supporters of Wallen say that this is unfair specifically because it shouldn’t matter if someone is famous or not. Everyone should have to watch what they say but if they are going to say something they shouldn’t have to worry about not having any privacy including the privacy of their own home. 

However, the other side of this heated debate says that anyone who has a platform of influence should be extraordinarily careful about the words that leave their mouths because they can have a major influence on young people who are fans. Since the video has been released Morgan Wallen has released a video apologizing for the incident and promising it will never happen again. He also thanked all of the people who stood beside him during all of this. 

This incident is not the first time Wallen has been criticized for acting rashly in the last year. In November of 2020, Wallen was slated to appear on Saturday Night Live. However, his appearance was cancelled after a video of Wallen partying at a bar without a mask and kissing multiple women during the span of the video was released. After that video surfaced, his appearance on Saturday Night Live was cancelled, only to  later be rescheduled after an apology video from Wallen was released. Since then, no other problems arose until this recent video surfaced. 

People who oppose Wallen call this video into question when making arguments as for why he should be cancelled. They say that both of the videos released show a lack of empathy, as well as a lack of awareness for Wallen’s surroundings. Morgan Wallen has been a prime example of why celebrities need to be careful when acting and speaking. Especially when nobody appears to be watching because although it may appear that you’re alone and nobody is looking or watching it appears that, that is the time that everyone has both eyes on you.