FATE: The Winx Saga is Thrilling and Suspenseful

Netflix’s newest original tv show FATE: The Winx Saga already has fans asking for the show to be renewed for a season two.



Join Bloom in her adventurous tv show (FATE: The Winx Saga) on Netflix. It’s a show that will keep you craving for more by the end of the season using its suspense and thriller components.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

On January 22, FATE: The Winx Saga hit Netlflix’s platform causing yet another obsession to begin. The show is based on the animated series Winx Club that came out back in 2004. The show is exciting for fans of the original series as they can see their favorite characters come to life and a new story plot arrive bringing more excitement to an already exciting show. Between the acting, setting, imagery, magic, and storyline of the whole show, it is extremely clear that this show is another hit as it already has fans craving for another season and it continues to hold a spot on Netflix’s top ten list. 

FATE: The Winx Saga follows Bloom: a magical fire fairy who just discovered her powers after a recent tragedy and is now leaving her small townhome and parents to go to a magic school called Alfea in the magic realm of the world. With a good cover of telling her parents, she’s going to a boarding school in Switzerland Bloom has everything planned out. Or at least that’s what she thinks. Bloom has no intentions or expectations for her new school except for what’s to come for her alongside wanting to discover more about herself and her power. 

To add a little bit more spice to the show Bloom is put into a suite with four other roommates. Her new Roommates consist of Stella, Musa, Aisha, and Terra. Each a different type of fairy with its unique powers that make the group of girls an even better match for each other. At first, the girls don’t necessarily get along. However, as the show goes on the group of girls become closer and closer in a way to protect each other, the school, and themselves. The only problem is that more and more problems continue to arise and too many secrets are being kept from Bloom about who she is and her past from the headmistress. 

While trying to learn how to control her powers and tap into them safely due to bad past experiences, alongside the challenges that come with secrecy Bloom turns to her roommates for help as they all do their best to comfort her and help her get the answers that she needs. The only trick is that each fairy is trying to learn and discover their powers as well as control them and each of them has a past of their own that blocks their ability to fully develop with their magic. The five girls are seen to consistently hit walls, problems, and disagreements throughout the six-episode show. Despite all this though it continues to keep the drama, suspense, and thrill of each episode alive. 

FATE: The Winx Saga’s first season was made to be thrilling and suspenseful, with every episode leaving viewers on a suspenseful cliffhanger you will always be eager to see what’s going to happen next. Even though there are only six episodes in just the first season this show makes you feel like you’re watching more episodes than there are. Every actor in the show has a huge purpose and they all play their roles to perfection. Alongside that even if you didn’t watch the original animated series you’ll still fall in love with this show just as easily because it’s amazing and grabs you from the start. 

I would highly recommend FATE: The Winx Saga to anyone. The show is truly amazing with an amazing storyline and cast that will leave you craving for more by the end of the first episode and by the very ending of the season. If you’re looking for a new show to binge-watch then this is the perfect show for you.