Lonely on Valentines Day? It’s Okay

There’s no need to feel down because your a single on Valentine’s Day, especially when more people are single than you may realize.


Elicia Ramu

Although a romantic movie, darkroom, and lots of sweets can sound like a perfect night for Valentine’s Day, it’s better to get up and out of the house even if you don’t have a Valentine of your own.

Elicia Ramu, Editor

It’s that time of year again. You know, the season where all of us single people gather back together to form a town that I like to call Singlesville. Yeah, that’s right it’s Valentine’s Day which means that all of us lonesome people’s “favorite” day of watching happy couples make us feel more single has returned… Again. However, this year we shouldn’t be sitting alone in the dark wallowing away with a tub of ice cream and The Notebook. No, we should come to terms with our singleness to form an agreement that it’s okay to be single.

For many people, Valentine’s Day can consist of two different types of days: one, a day of fun and romance or two, a day of normalcy that ends with people in their beds covered by blankets, tissues, ice cream, more food, and Netflix movies that normally make people feel worse about themselves rather than better. It’s the day where ads play all over the radio and pop up all over social media making singles feel hopeless and people coupled up have a sense of excitement. This year instead of people feeling alone and down on ourselves let’s find a way to get ourselves upbeat and happy. We can enjoy this day too. 

So that being said, whether you’re in bed already surrounded by food and romantic movies, or sitting alone in the dark, get up and go get yourself ready for a nice evening, where you look amazing. That’s step one. Once you’re ready either type out a message in your notes to copy and paste or send out a message to a massive group text to all of your single friends (with no plans) asking who wants to go out and have some fun. That’s step two.  If all goes well then you should have a good group of three people (maybe more, maybe less) to go out with. That in itself brings you to step 3: Plan what you’re going to do and go have some fun. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you get out of your house while feeling good and having an amazing night full of fun. 

Who knows, you may even end up meeting another group of single people doing the same thing, leading you to intermingle and form new friendships and possibly even new relationships. You’d be surprised at how many single people there are across the United States itself. According to CNN who wrote an article on February 14, 2018, they said that: 

“115.78 million: The number of single people in America age 18 and older in 2016, according to the US Census Bureau.” That’s 115.78 million people that you can encounter either on a daily or even possibly on Valentine’s day. The odds of you meeting someone new are impeccable. The odds of you meeting a possible new relationship is pretty similar as well. 

CNN went on to continue to say; “This group of divorced, widowed, separated, and never marrieds made up 47.3% of all US residents age 18 and older.” More shocking news. As much as it means that more people are in a relationship rather than single when you look at the US as a whole and look at the numbers just given it’s still a decent amount of single people out there. Which is super cool and in a way fun to see. 

One of the biggest questions that I feel are normally asked around Valentine’s Day, is “will I ever find somebody?” and “will there ever be a year where I will have a  valentine?”. The answer is yes you will. There is no reason to be upset because you don’t have a Valentine this February 14th. There is no reason to hole yourself up over a holiday that brings joy to others and sadness to some. In all reality sometimes being single is better than being in a relationship. You may be single this year, and you may be single next year, but in the end, it’s okay to be single because as long as you have friends or siblings, or cousins. You can easily put a group together, get dressed up, and get out of your house to have as much fun as possible on this night. It’s important to enjoy this night of love and fun just as much as anybody in a relationship would because Valentine’s Day does not just belong to those in a relationship. It belongs to us single people too.