You Might Want To Consider Community College During This Pandemic

Students can easily save money by taking advantage of the pandemic going on by going to community college instead of a university.


Bryce Grafton

In the photo; Nick Formby, Grand Canyon University

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

 COVID-19 hasn’t treated a lot of us very nicely, especially students of all grades and ages but in particular college students. Many first-year college students who decided to attend a university got let down this year by not being able to have the full experience due to the pandemic. For those who are in college or are about to go into college, they have to make a strong decision on where to go. Since COVID began, it has altered many students’ decisions for where they will be going, especially with the chance of having their money get wasted by going to a big university. With the pros and cons of both community college and a university, it is something many college students should be taking into perspective this next coming school year.

With a small chance of this pandemic slowing down a lot of college students should be considering the advantages of going to a community college rather than a university. For students wondering what they could benefit from going to a community college rather than going to a university, there’s a lot to think about. To start community college is a 2-year college rather than a university which is a 4-year college. For a college student, they can go and get all of the needed classes at a community college, get their associate’s degree, and save money all at the same time. Rather than going to an expensive university and missing out on that college experience due to COVID. Another plus to community college is that once you’re done with finishing the basics needed you’re able to transfer to a four-year college. 

Alongside that community college makes it easier to be closer to home than a university normally offers, it also gives you two more years to figure out what you may want to do with your life (for those who have no idea). The biggest pro about community college is that it is more affordable than a university. This can be a huge deciding factor when choosing what college you want to go to. Having an affordable college in play helps to lead to having less student debt and lower student loan payments after you graduate. The schedules are more flexible which makes things easier for students who need more time to work to pay for school, and it makes your days easier to plan around classes. Community colleges provide almost the same thing that universities do. They just do it for a cheaper price. 

At universities you do get offered more than most community colleges can offer, the hardest part has been deciding due to the pandemic. With your year colleges, you get offered a four-year degree and schooling. You also have the opportunity to dorm and live the dorm life. The only problem is that most four-year colleges are super expensive and require scholarships. If you don’t get a scholarship it will cost you a lot more (that doesn’t mean that you can’t go though). Alongside that most universities are closed right now and are only doing online classes due to COVID-19 making it hard for students who go to a university to experience the college life that they’ve been anticipating. 

All in all either school you choose to go to is a good choice. Whether you go to a four-year college and see what it’s like that way. Or you take advantage of the pandemic and save some money by going to community college. If you do decide to go to community college then you’ll be able to get two years in easily, save money, and still be able to transfer to a four-year university. If you go to a four-year college then you’ll be able to get a higher degree and possibly even get a somewhat normal college experience. Whichever college you decide will be amazing.