Passenger Takes Everyone On A Car Ride With His New Album

Passengers newest album “Songs For the Drunk and Broken Heart” takes fans through a journey of emotions.


Passenger’s new album cover for “Songs for the Drunk and Broken Hearted”

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

Heartbreak is something that everyone goes through at some point in their life and it looks like it was Mike Rosenberg otherwise known as Passenger’s time. Songs for the Drunk and Broken Heart is inspired by Passenger’s romantic life, or rather the lack of it, the record consists of a collection of songs about loneliness and lost love. He showed his feelings and emotions about it perfectly in his new album Songs for the Drunk and Broken Hearted that came out on January 8th. This album consists of 20 great songs, 10 of the songs feature an acoustic version of each song. This album is raw and emotional. 

Passenger poured his heart out in this album making sure he took his time to perfect it and not rush the process. Passenger has said many times that he assumed he was done with the album early but it just wasn’t quite right so he stopped writing until the pandemic hit.

“I started writing and writing and writing in lockdown and got to the stage with seven or eight new songs,” he said. 

Although the album is mostly based on heartbreak there are still some tracks that are a little more upbeat like, “Sword from the Stone”, “Tip of my Tongue” as well as “Remember to Forget”. With these tracks, it creates a nice balance throughout the album. Passenger often talked about his heartbreak and what it was like being a boyfriend and how it feels like now. 

“In my last relationship, I felt like I would go on tour for months and come back home and my girlfriend would be in her routine. She’d be sort of used to life on her own, and then, I’d burst in with my suitcase and big personality. I felt like a hurricane or a sandstorm.” Passenger stated.

 Songs for the Drunk and Broken Hearted is an amazing, and a well-written album that you can just see how much time and effort was put into each and every track. There isn’t a dull moment at all through the album it takes you on a sort of journey that is just never ending. All throughout the album Passenger questions the ability of happiness and accepts loneliness. This album allows us to dive deep into our emotions that are occurring on a daily basis, with an exceptionally written and thought out work of art.

 Passenger opened up recently to the media about the difficulties he experienced in lockdown after going through a tough breakup, and the downwards path that he found himself on. In a recent interview with Glide Magazine, he told them that he  “started to view the album as kind of a handbook on how to get through that time.” As many know Passenger isn’t one to put out the most happy songs and really upbeat songs but that doesn’t beat the fact that he creates beautiful, realistic situations for his listeners. 

Songs for the Drunk and Broken Hearted is surely a beautifully, thought out, truthful album. It brings you alongside on a journey that a lot of musicians can do and the melodies and instruments and lyrics just are so well written that I’m almost positive this album will be a huge hit. So if you happen to be going through what Passenger has lately this might just be the most perfect album for you to listen to right now. I recommend Songs for the Drunk and Broken Hearted to everyone heartbroken or not.