Stimulus Isn’t Enough

The second round of stimulus checks isn’t enough to help the average American pay bills.


Owen Etter

Here’s an example and simplified drawing of what a stimulus check looks like. It obviously isn’t 100 accurate, but it has the ideas of what an average person would see.

Darlene Strange, Staff Writer

The stimulus check. As many people know so far during this pandemic we have had two stimulus checks. One for $1,200 and one for $600, however there has been some backlash. 

Despite how many people expressed how $600 wasn’t nearly enough to cover bills and food it seemed like the people who passed the bill didn’t care. You may wonder why do people who make nearly $180,000 get to decide what people make. Why do they get to decide who actually gets the money. 


First Stimulus:

The first stimulus check was $1,200 which seems like a fair number. It seemed like it helped cover some bills but the people could have used more. The first stimulus check went off of your 2018 and 2019 taxes. So if you weren’t a dependent and made under $75,000 you were eligible for a stimulus check. 


Second Stimulus:

The second stimulus went off of your 2019 taxes so that already cuts out the people that didn’t make enough to file in 2019. The check is $600 which is half of what citizens got in March. This didn’t help cover nearly as many bills as people were hoping. 


Now you may wonder if there will be a third stimulus. That is the plan. From the sounds of it the Biden administration is planning on passing a bill to send out $2,000 which will help so many people during this tough time. From what the Biden administration is saying they want to start sending this out as soon as they can so it could be 2 weeks after he is put into office.


So overall this year citizens have received $1,800 in stimulus money yet it hasn’t helped. Many Americans aren’t going to make it any longer without a stimulus from the government, and a bigger one. The government needs to do better to not only help stimulate the economy but to help all the citizens that haven’t been able to pay those bills.