How to Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine

Kylie Rusco, Staff Writer

The COVID-19 vaccine is starting to be given out to health care, essential workers, and some elders. But when can you expect to get the vaccine.

Right now in Colorado the amount of vaccines will be limited for a least a few months. This means that a vaccine will not be immediately available to everyone who wants one. To be as fair and efficient with distribution as possible, Colorado has developed a phased approach to vaccine distribution to save lives and end the crisis that has been brought on by the pandemic. By vaccinating people who are most likely to get COVID-19 first, we can keep more Coloradans safe.

The first phase is in the winter, where 1A will be Highest risk healthcare workers. 1B will be Coloradans that are 70+ , moderate risk healthcare workers, first responders, and frontline workers. The second phase will take place in the spring and the vaccine will be given to Higher risk individuals and other essential workers. The last phase, phase three, will take place in the summer and will be given to the general public.

Although a vaccine will be available you should still follow the correct guidelines until it is not necessary. The vaccine will be free to ensure everyone will receive one.

At your COVID 19 vaccine appointment you should receive an FDA fact sheet that tells you more about the risks and benefits of the specific COVID-19 vaccine you will receive. As well as a vaccination card that tells you which COVID-19 vaccine you received, the date you received it, and the location received, keep this card as a reminder of when you need to get your second dose. The second dose of any COVID-19 vaccine must be the same vaccine product as your first dose. It is very important to get both doses of the vaccine so that your body develops enough antibodies to fight the COVID-19 virus if you get infected at a later time.

Make sure to keep checking for more updates about COVID-19 and the vaccine.