Netflix Releases Ariana Grande’s New Film “excuse me, i love you”

Ariana Grande’s newest film “excuse me, I love you” has fans freaking out as it gives a behind-the-scenes look at Ariana’s life.



Netflix has Ariana Grande’s new film “excuse me, I love you” giving fans a huge rush of excitement

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

Passion, talent, and music shine through Ariana Grande’s new film excuse me, I love you. The year 2020 was a huge year for Ariana as she started it off by coming out with an album that everyone loved and music that left fans craving for more. While continuing to excel Grande finished off the year by releasing her newest film excuse me, I love you. On December 21, 2020. The film hit Netflix’s platform letting fans go completely insane as she shows the inside look of her life, concerts, music, and more.

One thing for sure is that the amount of hard work and dedication Ariana puts into her concerts was shown. However, the behind the scenes shows not just what she goes through but also what her backup dancers go through. To back up the film, even more, many artists in the music industry have said that this industry is about hard work and deduction, Ariana showed this in a perfect perspective in her film. Excuse me, I love you solely focused on her taking the stage up in London while taking you through the process and giving fans a  look into her life on tour. 

The film starts with Ari on stage singing one of her fan’s favorite songs “God is a Woman” as the crowd screams with love for Ariana and her music. The film then transitions into a scene where the backup dancers are rehearsing and practicing for the next performance so it will be perfect. Ariana’s manager Scooter Braun said:

¨I could not be more proud. I mean, I told her, There’s no way to describe it. To think where she was six to eight months ago and I think she’s going to be on that stage tonight doing what she does best.” To follow what Braun said Ariana went out on stage and showed her best to the world while leaving everything she had to offer on the stage. 

The rest of the film takes you through Ariana’s thoughts, her perspective before and after concerts, the life backstage, and most importantly what it’s like to be on and putting together all the shows and hard work. Excuse me, I love you is a brilliant example of hard work and dedication to doing the things you love even when it’s hard and exhausting. Professionalism is one of the key aspects of being in the music industry and Ariana has shown she can be professional but still have fun doing what she does best. Ariana has even said:

“I learned to sing by mimicking Maria Carey, Beyonce, and Whitney.” Through this mimicking, it is shown and seen that this education helped her to learn how to work with her voice and how to use the voice to bring power to a song while singing. 

Although Excuse me, I love you shows everything that goes on behind the scenes it also does an amazing job of capturing all of Ariana’s pure moments with the people she loves whether it was her on facetime with them or whether it was the times she and her friends were having the time of their lives doing the simplest things like watching scary movies or having a couple of drinks giving her a sense of relaxation. Those parts of the film that were not on stage and were backstage, or somewhere else were the best moments to see. Excuse me, I love you is a film that is very well directed and put together. I loved it! If you’re the type of person who likes to see the process of music-making and loves music in general then this is the perfect film for you. Excuse me, I love you gives viewers a chance to get all the background info you might need and just the inside look of tour life. I highly recommend this film for both a good watch and an informative/exciting inside look at Ariana’s tour life.