A Star is Bored: Review


Source: Henry Holt and Co.

A Star is Board by Byron Lane (Hardcover, 352 pages)

Maddy Hardy, Guest Contributor

Byron Lane presents the novel, A Star is Bored. Written in 2020, it takes us on a journey of Charlie who becomes a celebrity’s personal assistant after realizing his deep hatred for his then job in journalizing. This book is heavy on humor and allows us to see people from two different backgrounds come together.

A Star is Bored opens on Charlie parked outside the gate of celebrity Kathi Kannon. Kathi is a screenwriter as well as a stage writer and built her career doing so. Charlie knows he’s there for the assistant job but he has no idea what he’d get into when those gates opened. Charlie’s world becomes a state of curiosity as he’s faced with new problems and situations every day. Kathi is wild and does what she wants as she pleases with no mind or cares for what anyone has to say. Unless Charlie says it. The question comes up now and then of why he is facing all of this as Kathi faces it. Every time, the answer is that he’s trying to help Kathi do better for herself. In turn, he ends up bettering himself too.

Between saving animals from restaurants, and taking trips to see the Northern Lights, Kathi and Charlie’s friendship grows beyond assistantship, they become true friends. This is shown especially when Charlie worries about if Kathi will like his boyfriend or not. He’s scared of introducing him to her and this leads to Kathi giving him some unexpected advice, and being truly accepting of him. This friendship challenges Charlie’s mind because he’s not sure if he wants to continue just being Kathi’s assistant forever, or if he wants to pursue his writing career. This ultimately leads to him realizing Kathi isn’t just his friend, she’s his mentor as well and he’s been learning all along what it is to live life. As well as the fact that it will untimely lead him into his career, which is very much supported by Kathi.

A Star is Bored keeps you on an emotional journey of Charlie and Kathi’s friendship but also uses heavy, perfectly timed humor. There’s never a moment where you have to dread certain scenes in the novel because it’s always entertained with blunt jokes and unexpected events. It’s clear along the way that Charlie is actively learning throughout his journey with Kathi what it means to live life without boundaries, and Kathi the same. Charlie broke Kathi out of her everyday routine and allowed her to see a new perspective of the world. The book is exciting, funny, and it keeps you guessing.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is just looking for something light and fun to read. While some of the jokes are a bit on the adult side, they still are bound to have you laughing.